4 reasons why you should hire your next vacation vehicle

Australians are revelling in the opportunity to be able to get back on the road after what felt like a whole year spent indoors. However, many people are opting not to own their own car for economical and environmental factors, and this can make getting out to the great outdoors difficult.

But not to worry – there are plenty of ways you can take a car out on the road without the drawbacks of actually owning a car! Whether you’re looking for budget car rental in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide or beyond, here are four awesome reasons why you should hire a vehicle for your next Aussie vacay.

  • Rental cars are usually more trustworthy

Rental cars are usually new models, and can handle the bends, winds, gravel, dirt and dust that the Aussie road can throw at personal vehicles. Many people take older models out on road trips only to find that they weren’t up for the journey and break down at the first sign of trouble. Rental cars, being newer, are more reliable and can handle the challenges of the Aussie road.

  • There are a range of great vehicle options

If you want to take a van out on the road but have zero need for one in the city then renting a vehicle is perfect for you. Many people who live in town want to be able to get out to the beach or go camping as much as possible, but really have no use for such vehicles throughout the week, especially if they work in the city and can take public transport to work.

With rental vehicles, you have a huge list of options that are perfect for your exact needs on that specific trip. You don’t have to get the same vehicle each time, either, as you may be going surfing one weekend and need a van with roof racks, but then you will be going to an Airbnb the next, and will only require a comfortable, reliable sedan to get you where you need to go.

  • Road trips are one of the best ways to travel right now

Of course, Australians aren’t getting too far on the overseas front. We have recently learned that it might not be until mid-2022 that us Aussies can pack our travel bags and head over to Europe, Asia, Canada – wherever. Whilst for many eager travellers this news has been upsetting (we feel it, too), it also provides an amazing opportunity to see the wondrous country that is available to us right here!

From the otherworldly Great Barrier Reef to the awe-inspiring Kakadu National Park, to the magical Blue Mountains and stunning Great Ocean Road, Australia is a traveller’s wonderland, and should be enjoyed before you start thinking about that six week Euro trip. After all – it could still be a little while away.

  • You don’t have to worry about damaging your own car

Car rentals don’t come with the same expenses as owning your own car. Simply put, you don’t have to worry about the costly repairs that might come with a mishap on the road, with everything from tire pressure to oil changes and other annoying maintenance issues rarely becoming a problem with rental vehicles.

Enjoy the great Australian adventure

Australia awaits, and the great thing about this is that you don’t even have to own your own car to see it! Renting a car for holidays is one of the most affordable, efficient ways to get away from it all, and it’s easy to see why it’s becoming so popular with people across the country.