10 Certifications under $200 That Will Earn You a Higher Salary

It is believed that businesses are always relying on progressively difficult information systems; there is always a high demand for skilled IT professionals. Those people who have numerous IT certs are more demandable as the difficult examinations and cert fundamentals provide actual-world experience and a thorough understanding. It is also said that having IT certs means that there are more chances to increase your earnings. In a previously conducted survey, it reveals that approx. 24 percent of the IT experts reported that once they get certified they achieve a 20%t increase in their salaries. As referring to CompTIA, 73% of companies are ultimately offering online IT training for specific designations, and 93% are assuming that IT certs shows employers the reliability of the employees of IT. 

Certifications under $200 – Earn High Salary

AWS Certified Solutions Architect—Associate

Regardless of the increase in the fame of G-C-P, AWS is still considered as the top most popular and extensively utilized cloud provider. The certification of A-W-S Solutions Architect points out that a person owns the abilities to develop the cloud substructures, reference structural design, and organize apps and systems on the A-W-S. This renowned and profitable certification would offer an income of more than $148,000 on yearly basis. The AWS examination is requiring about one hundred and thirty minutes on account to do with it whereas it cost is $150, and it is accessible at P-S-I network testing centres and Pearson V-U-E.

Information Technology Infrastructure Library Foundation (ITIL)

Information-Technology-Infrastructure-Library (ITIL) follows the Information Technology service management which emphasizes on the line up the services of IT along with the demands of the businesses. The focus of ITIL is to generate great practices to control and minimize the costs of IT, make improvement in IT services, as well as balance the IT resources. Those experts who are certified with ITIL certification would get an average income of 128,000 U.S dollars. This Foundation cert examination would cost you around $200; requires a single hour to do with it. Furthermore, one can take this ITIL certification at any local test-centre or online too.  

Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

Even though Amazon-Web-Services have the 32.3% of cloud marketplace as compared to Google-Cloud-Platform which own 8.5%, Google is gradually engaging to most recent startups along with currently linked apps that are well-matched with the cloud environment. Consequently, there is a great demand for Google Cloud Platform certification and offers the most peak level IT salary, which is approx. $175,000 yearly. The exam of GCP is consuming time of about 2 hours and it cost is $200. This certification can be taken at any local test-centre or online too.  

Associate in Project-Management (A-P-M)

It’s considering as an essential and universally renowned certification in the field of the project management which validates that an applicant owns the relevant understanding regarding the field limiting to entry-level of the PM. This examination is consist of fifty MCQs and there is a requirement to achieve at least seventy percent to clear the examination, comprises a single hour, and the cost of this exam is $129 whereas estimated income is around $8521.

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

Since there is an increase in the risks which is approaching through personal data, organizations are requiring a great demand to occupy that position. There’re 2,377 openings are available for that profession. Individuals who get certified with CEH would get earnings in the range of $87,416 to $106,366. There’re seven basic domains on which applicants would be evaluated; overall background information, examination and valuation, measures and procedure, regulation and rule, as well as moral principles. Four hours are required in this test along with a hundred and twenty-five MCQs. This certification would cost you around $100 like an entitlement charge for the ones who decided to go for self-study rather than to take the training course that comprises the exam.

Certified Project Management Practitioner

The Certified Project Management Practitioner (CPMP) cert was generated as a point of reference for the ones who own the ability to manage the post-disaster recovery processes. There is a requirement to give in to a fee that is $200 for the examination and it’s also non-refundable. The certification of C-P-M-P is being shown at numerous training organizations in the duration of two to three days. They are charging a big amount for such training classes. There is an estimated salary is around $88,000.

COBIT 5 Foundation Certification

If an organization gives to COBIT 5 Information Technology management structure, then a person would have an interest in C-O-B-I-T 5 Foundation examination of ISACA. The execution and foundation examinations will validate your capability to comprehend the challenges of IT and how COBIT would be implemented to resolve the procedural issues the problems of an organization. This examination is offering by numerous sellers whereas few of them encompasses boot camp programs or training if a person isn’t acquainted with the COBIT 5, though others would allow you to only take the examination. There is a requirement to give in to a fee that is $189 for the examination and it’s also non-refundable. There is an estimated salary is around $90,000.

Citrix Certified Associate – Networking (CCA-N)

NetScaler is considered as the key emphasis for that type of cert. Tester is allowed to keep focusing on the fundamental implementations for the management of traffic or NetScaler Unified-Gateway. Efficacious owners of the certificate would achieve an average income of $86,300. Although, there are some minimum job opportunities still research demonstrates that there’re sixteen opportunities are available for these certificate holders.

Certified-Associate in Project-Management (C-A-P-M)

The high-level certs are carrying the basics as well as they are highly demandable. The CAPM can also be directed by PMI. It’s an elementary level cert which is line up with numerous growth and learning chances for the newbies. There is an estimated income is ranging from $90,000 to $101,000.

Professional in Project Management – PPM

It’s not a difficult task to achieve a cert as a P-P-M; organizations preferring to hire skilled professionals as comparing to the ones who don’t have any relevant experience. Being a PPM certified, if you’re planning to get employed, numerous organizations would expecting that you own an understanding regarding this field. The estimated income is about $104,000, and the cost is $135.

Is Becoming Certified Worth It?

Nowadays, businesses are going to become progressively dependent on critical technologies that resulted in the high value for the expert IT professionals who can work along with such techs. Certifications enable the business that confidence to make aware that they are employing skilful IT professionals along with actual-world experience as well as thorough knowledge rather than those graduates who are recently graduated.