11 tips for quickly cleaning the home

Cleaning your home for a move or just wanting to make it a bit fresher? Follow these 11 easy home cleaning tips

  • Do each job throughout the whole house

Cleaning one room at a time can make you feel like you’re in an endless cleaning cycle, starting each job over and over again. Instead, pick one job (dusting, rubbish collection etc.) and do that job throughout the house – it’s much more refreshing this way!

  • Get the family involved

Because one person shouldn’t have to handle all this cleaning alone! Schedule a time with your family so that they can take part in the cleaning, too.

  • Clear your clutter

This job should come before any other cleaning job. Go from room to room clearing up all the unwanted clutter. With every item you pick up, whether it’s old clothes, books – whatever, you need to decide whether you want to keep it or throw it out with your house clean bin hire in Dandenong, Cheltenham, St Kilda or wherever!

  • Dust & vacuum the house

Ensure no heaters, fans or air conditions are on before you start dusting (obviously this will just blow away all your good work!). Concentrate your dusting efforts on the undersides of shelves, furniture, picture frames, TV screens and handrails. For harder to reach areas like upper shelves and blinds, tie a microfiber towel to broom or mop. You should also change the sheets in your bedroom before a good vacuum.

  • Wipe glass & mirrors

First, use a damp microfiber cloth. Next, use one dry cloth to wipe clean all the glass and mirrored surfaces.

  • Keep all your cleaning tools handy in one spot

Regardless of where you keep them it is vital to keep your cleaning tools ready to go in the one spot. This way, you won’t go searching for that much needed dustpan when all you need to do is sweep up a tiny bit of mess. Designate the spot, make the spot known and return all your cleaning items there, ready to go for the next job.

  • Disinfect surface areas & countertops

Go around your home and wipe down hard surfaces including appliances, cabinets, doorknobs, countertops, telephones and TV remotes. It’s also a good idea to disinfect some of these dufaces, especially the ones that might come into contact with people’s hands. You can create a nontoxic disinfectant by mixing a cup of water with a quarter to a half cup of apple cider or whiter vinegar.

  • Sweep & mop

Sweet the kitchen and then the bathroom floors. Start mopping the farthest corner of each room while moving back toward the doorway. This way you won’t mop yourself into a corner of the room. Rinse the mop after every few feet if cleaning.

  • Do a wide vacuum

Vacuuming isn’t about getting into the finest corners – it’s really about making sure you get decent coverage across the carpets!

  • Always wash your cleaning tools

You’re probably going to use your cleaning goods again, so it is a good idea to keep them clean for the next you go over the house! Using dirty vacuum bags, mops and other cleaning items is counter-intuitive, so give them a good rinse after you clean.

  • Focus on sinks, toilets & tubs

Spray cleaner on the kitchen sink before spraying on the toilets, tubs and bathroom sink. Let this cleaner sit on the surfaces as this allows it to dissolve stains and dirt. Soon, return to the surfaces and start scrubbing. You should always clean toilets last as you don’t want to use the same products in the kitchen after the bathroom. You also want to ensure your garbage bin is nice and clean, even during your home improvement.