3 reasons for hiring an auto accident attorney in Illinois 

Thousands of car accidents are reported in Illinois every year, with a considerable number reported in Rockford alone. If you ever get involved in such a car accident and find yourself in a situation, where you have suffered injuries and losses because of someone’s fault, you should consider hiring a Rockford auto accident attorney. In this post, we are sharing more on when you should hire a lawyer for car accident claims in Colorado. 

  1. You don’t know how to file a claim. There is a statute of limitations in every state, and Illinois is no different. All personal injury lawsuits against the party at fault must be filed within a period of two years, while for property damage lawsuits, the deadline is five years. Before that, you have to consider filing an insurance claim with the insurer of the party at fault. If you don’t know how to file a claim, consider hiring an attorney who will work on your behalf. 
  2. You have part fault in the accident. Establishing liability in car accident cases may not be as simple as you think. Illinois follows the comparative fault rule, so if you have part role in the accident, you may consider talking to an attorney, who will help you in understanding how much you can realistically get in compensation, if at all. Also, in cases where the fault is not clear, having an auto accident attorney by your side always helps. 
  3. Insurance company has offered a small amount. It’s well-known that you shouldn’t make any statements or sign papers after a car accident without knowing the consequences. Sometimes, the insurance company will try to make an offer, but the amount is likely to be way less than what you deserve. To negotiate better with the insurance company and to get ask for compensation, it is wise to have an auto accident attorney working in your interests. 

An experienced attorney in Rockford can help you file your personal injury lawsuit, as well, especially if the negotiation with the insurance company doesn’t go through. Your lawyer will also help you determine the steps that may work in your favor. They will also do their part pf investigation, and may even talk to medical experts, to know more on your nature of injuries. Check online for top rated auto accident attorneys in Illinois, and don’t forget to ask for a free consultation session to discuss further.