5 Tips to Make Your Business Functional


Your entrepreneurial journey gets more interesting after you have accomplished the most critical part of forming and starting your business. Managing a business is a big commitment and would entail more than just making your customers happy. You also need to carefully think of ways to maintain your company’s profit flowing while taking care of the people you run the business with. 

As early as when you just got started, you need to be constantly on the lookout for ways to manage your business more efficiently. This will not only play a significant role in the business’ success but will also help in making it more functional. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind to guarantee functionality:

Determine processes that are not working for your business

Assessing the current status of your business is an effective way to determine which processes are working and which needs to be improved or changed. Many businesses used SWOT analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their business then make changes from the data they’ve gathered.

Set clear goals and create a plan

Once you get a good grasp of the strengths and weaknesses of your business, you will now be able to create the goals you want to achieve and form a plan in order to accomplish it. List the necessary actions and tasks in detail, assign the people suit to work on each task, and set due dates.  

Another thing to include in your goals is to make your business more functional by changing your business structure to a more advantageous one. If your business is currently under sole proprietorship, switching to LLC could be your next step. Limited Liability Company or LLC is widely used by a lot of businesses. According to Small Business-Chron, the main advantage of switching to an LLC from a sole proprietorship is it protects your personal assets. Assets such as your house, car or bank accounts will be protected once your business faces a huge amount of debt. Of course, there are requirements that need to be submitted and fees to be settled. For example, if your business is in Tennessee, the LLC cost in TN for filing the Articles of Organization is $50 per member in existence based on the filing date. 

Switching to LLC could be a great move for your business, aside from protecting your personal assets, you can enjoy more advantages such as pass-through taxation, minimal recordkeeping requirements and management flexibility.

Incorporate technology into your process

With today’s technology, every process can be improved and be made more efficient. It can play a significant role in making your business processes more functional which will not only benefit your clients but your employees as well. Technology can automate time-consuming tasks, generate reports quickly, and make data gathering easier. 

Try to explore and be creative with your solutions

Aside from incorporating technology into your business processes, injecting creativity is also essential. Relying too much on technology may create a stiff and monotonous vibe in your working environment. Keep in mind to always find a balance and try exploring ways that might be unpopular but can possibly yield surprising results for your business.


Monitor the business’s progress and seek feedback

Finally, like many other projects, the progress needs to be monitored closely. Monitoring can be done effectively if you have created a detailed plan where you have a view of the tasks to be completed. The progress and favorable results you want can only be visible if you have clear goals and a well-thought-out plan right from the very start. Furthermore, seeking feedback regarding the improvements you have enforced is another effective way to assess the overall process.

Key Takeaways

Running a business can be challenging, and you will often encounter many hurdles along the way. However, constant assessment, exploring ways to improve, and seeking feedback from internal and external stakeholders can be a big help for you and the way you manage your business.