5 Traits That Add To The Security Of Armored Vehicles

With the increasing number of crimes today, it has become important to take proactive security measures. This is where armored vehicles come into the picture. They have been designed to keep you protected against any unfortunate situations which can occur at any point in time. This is the reason why influential people find it a worthy investment today. 

But what are the features that set them apart? Well, here’s the list of characteristics that make these vehicles unique:

  • Galvanized Ballistic Steel: The body of the armored vehicle is prepared by hardening the stainless and galvanized ballistic steel. This hardened body allows the vehicle to withstand corrosion, rust, heat or any climatic condition with high temperature. Also, the ballistic steel body helps to resist any kind of assaults such as bullet firing, chemical explosions, grenade, and other terror attacks.
  • Gun Ports: Some vehicles have hidden gun ports which are made from the ballistic steel and string glass. These ports are designed in such a way that it facilitates flexible operation and provides maximum protection. Apart from providing ballistic protection from various angles, they also come with the feature of automating the initial opening process of the gun ports. 
  • Run Flat Tires: For escaping the dangerous circumstances, flat tires are used in these vehicles. This means even if the tires are attacked, they can easily run a few kilometers at a high speed. 
  • Bulletproof Car Glass: Both the windows and the windshield of an armored car is made from bullet-resistant glass. The thickness of the glass won’t allow the bullet to penetrate inside the car, thus, safeguarding the person sitting inside. These bulletproof windows can withstand a gunshot from any revolver or advanced rifle. 
  • Roof, Floor, and Other Interiors: The roof and floor of the armored vehicle are centrally designed to protect it from getting exploded. Not just the roofs and floors, the seats and dashboard areas are also covered with strong and high-quality ballistic material. Additionally, the fuel tank is covered with ballistic steel so that it doesn’t explode or catches fire.  There is also the feature of ‘dual ram bumpers’ for advanced protection. 

Armored vehicles not only increase your social status but also propagate overall security and protection to the user. So if you are considering purchasing such a vehicle, then Troy Armoring Company is the one-stop destination for the best deals under this segment.