6 Creative Ways to Decorate Corners in Your Home

Meta-Description: Spruce up your corners as extra storage space, a private nook, or a home gallery through these six creative methods.

Extra spaces in your home, such as empty corners, can make any room awkward or lacking. Corners are spots that can be cozy or spacious and offer various options for decoration and use. Here are six ways to use corners to spruce your home up or expand storage and functionality.

Rearrange Furniture

Furniture pieces such as L-shaped sofas, square coffee tables, and nest chairs are perfect for decorating the corners of your home. These furniture pieces also help expand space in smaller homes, such as condos or apartment units. Your corners won’t look bland again, and your house or unit will be well-assembled and decorated. 

Place Corner Storage

Create more storage space through corner bookshelves, cabinets, or cupboards. There are various ways to build corner shelves or cabinets based on the theme of your home. It is best to take inspiration from other homes that utilize corner storage. An example would be Avida Verte’s units where they are structured to accommodate corner storage and furniture pieces in a practical and chic way. Corner storage is a way to organize your stuff, keep cabinets from blocking your path, and store items in one place where you can quickly find them. 

Build a Private Nook

Another way to “build” an extra room using your corners is to create a nook in those areas. These could be a small home office, dry bar, coffee-making nook, or a space to display your plant collection while giving them enough sunlight. If you’ve built a corner bookshelf, place a comfortable chair and a low-legged coffee table to create your private mini library. Use your corner storage to organize your art supplies close to your work table, where you can paint anything that pops out of your creative mind.

Display Art

Speaking of art, leave space on your corner wall to display your sketches and framed artwork. Your corners are excellent spots to showcase a mini gallery of curated pieces in your home. You may also mount your collection of plates, framed dried flora, or taxidermied bugs.

Create a Small Indoor Jungle

Introduce nature into your home by building an indoor jungle or forest. Use floating shelves to hold smaller potted plants. Build a tier to strategically arrange your plants according to their sizes. For bigger plants, place the tallest potted ones in the back while the shorter ones should be in front. Doing so creates a tidy greenery area that doesn’t block areas you need to pass through.

Build a Corner Clothing Rack

Suppose you have a cozier condo or apartment unit. Save more bedroom space by ditching the cabinets and installing clothing racks instead. Corner clothing racks are great alternatives to a walk-in closet because you save square footage from placing cabinets or dressers.

Using your corners is one way to make the most of the space in your home. Whether it is for decoration, storage, or practical uses, these six tips will help you decide how to convert your corners into beautiful spots in your home.