6 Tips and Tricks for Shopping at a Mall With a Toddler

Shopping is always a fun activity. Nothing can be more exciting than looking at and trying different outfits, shoes, accessories, and makeup and seeing how you look when wearing them.

If you enjoy doing all of these, you probably love spending hours at the mall.

Once you have a child, though, your shopping trips to the mall may become less frequent. The time you spend at each store may be cut short, too.

However, the time you spend at the best shopping mall in Doha does not have to be limited or less enjoyable when you have a child, even a toddler. Although your routine may change a bit, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to have fun while engaging in some retail therapy or hanging out at your favorite spot.

Enjoying a Trip to the Mall With Your Little One

Planning in advance can help you have fun and reduce the stress that you may feel when you go shopping at the mall with your toddler. This also involves having a few secrets in mind that can make the experience enjoyable and memorable.

Below are some tips and tricks that will help you have a fun time every time you go to the mall with your toddler:

  1. Bring a shopping buddy.

If you used to go shopping with a friend before you got your little bundle of joy, you might want to find a buddy when you go to the mall with your toddler.

Ask a close friend, another mom friend, or even your spouse or partner to go with you when you go shopping. When you have someone accompanying you during your trip to the mall, you can ask them to look after your little one while you try on a new top or pair of pants.

Moreover, you can ask your shopping buddy for their opinion about the items you want to buy.

  1. Choose the right time to go shopping.

Your trip to the mall will be stress-free and more fun if you pick the right time to go there.

Some toddlers do better when they are taken out in the morning since they are still well-rested. Moreover, there are fewer people in the mall, which means there is less hustle and bustle and your little one won’t be too bothered or annoyed by the noise and activity.

If you want your child to be asleep while you go shopping, you may want to go in the afternoon. However, always keep your eye on your toddler or have your buddy look after the little one, especially if you are in the dressing room.

  1. Bring plenty of toys, healthy snacks and beverages, and other essentials.

No matter how long you want to stay at the mall, keeping your toddler preoccupied is important to keep the crying to a minimum and help him have an enjoyable time, too.

Bring a large handbag or backpack whenever you go shopping with your toddler. Pack his favorite toys, healthy snacks, and drinks.

Don’t forget to bring the other toddler essentials, too. These include a change of clothing, baby wipes, a pack of tissues, hand sanitizer, spare diapers (if your toddler still uses them), and other items you need to keep your little one tidy and comfy.

  1. Use a large stroller.

A small, umbrella stroller works well for quick errands. However, for a couple of or more hours at the mall, you need a bigger one.

By using a full-size stroller, you have an extra place where you can stash your purchases. Additionally, the roomy, adjustable ride provides a comfy spot for your little one to sit or snuggle up in.

When your toddler is comfortable and preoccupied with his toys, he will be less likely to cry for attention, and you can spend more time shopping.

  1. Plan some games.

Aside from giving your child toys to keep him preoccupied, create a list of games you can play together at the mall.

Games like I Spy and Simon Says are fun, simple activities you can do at the mall. You can also make up your own educational games as you go.

You can teach your child ABCs, numbers, counting, and colors while you are at the mall. Point to places or items and tell your little one their names. Be detailed in describing them as well to broaden his knowledge.

  1. Let your child have some fun.

Finally, a shopping trip doesn’t mean you should be the only one having fun. There are plenty of activities for kids in Doha, which you can find at a mall.

Bring your toddler to the indoor park or playground. Allow him to play in these areas for at least half an hour or more.

If the mall has a garden or play area outside, let your toddler explore the place as well. You can also visit a bookstore and read one or two books to your little one.

With these tips, you can make your trips to the mall with your toddler more enjoyable and productive.



Hisham Elzubeir is the Marketing Manager at Doha Festival City, the largest entertainment, fashion, dining and shopping destination in Qatar. The mall has more than 400 international and local brands, including some of the most anticipated names, many of which made their Qatar debut, such as Harvey Nichols, Charlotte Tilbury, Kiehl’s, Dior Beauty Boutique, ACE and IKEA. Hisham brings over 15 years of international expertise to the communications team at Doha Festival City.