7 questions for hiring Colorado car accident lawyers

Colorado is a fault state. If you (or a loved one) were injured in an unfortunate car accident that wasn’t your fault, you may want to file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party. Car accidents are inherently complex, and it makes sense to get legal advice soon after. If you are hiring a Colorado car accident lawyer for the first time, here are 7 questions to ask. 

  1. What is your evaluation of my case? An accident attorney should give a free overview of your case, so that you are aware of your options, rights, and have realistic expectations in terms of compensation. 
  2. How long do I have to file a case? The statute of limitations in Colorado allows three years to file a personal injury lawsuit after an accident. However, a skilled accident lawyer may advise on taking immediate action, to protect your rights and interests. 
  3. How long will it take to settle my accident claim? Lawyers can share an expected timeline of the case. Some car accident claims stretch for months, while others are settled in weeks. Beware of a lawyer who overpromises on the matter. 
  4. Will you work on the case personally? It is not uncommon for lawyers to pass the case to other associates and lawyers of the same law firm. Ask them attorney if they are the one working on your case directly. 
  5. What damages can I recover? Your lawyer will want to know all details of the car accident, including injuries or physical issues before the accident. They can help in understanding the damages you can actually recover. 
  6. Will you work on a contingency fee? Most car accident and personal injury lawyers in Colorado only ask for a fee, if they win. The contingency fee of the attorney can be higher (often as much as 40%), depending on the facts of the case and their experience. 
  7. I believe that I have a minor share in fault. What can I expect? Colorado is a modified comparative negligence state. You can seek compensation from the at-fault party, as long as your share of fault is not more than theirs. However, your eventual settlement will be lower, as the compensation will be deducted by your fault in percentage. Ask the attorney how your fault can impact your case. 

Call a car accident lawyer soon after the accident, so that they can investigate the matter and gather evidence that can help your claim.