A general verdict on the famous infinix smok pods

The infinix smok pods, though looks nice, still have some pretty glaring and alarming problems with its coils. As a consumer, you need to be aware of that. Some of the most notable pros of the smok pods are its nice design, simple-to-use system, multiple color options, and the flavor’s awesome while the coils last. On paper, the infinix looks like the bets pod system vape. It’s fully refillable, has a decent battery life, and looks fantastic. Initially, these components make it a great vape to use or own. But, in the true SMOK context, its coils let it down far too fast.

The shell life

The device runs at a very low wattage, which, ideally, shouldn’t be an issue. However, in case of these smok pods, it’s a persisting problem. Things are good beyond this part. However, you need to remember that a regular pod mechanism lives and dies by the strength and quality of its concerned coils. In this case, it’s not up to the mark. There are other pod mods that have better batter life, better designs, vastly enhanced coils, kicking out awesome flavor. However, smok infinix is quite good in its entirety. If you use a bunch now, you’ll know that your pod mod can be a the SMOANT S8 version.

More to come

Those who tested or preferred the infinix, also liked the Rolo Badge. For some, it’s actually the better or superior device in the ambit of pod mods. You can really dig the way SMOK INFINIX looks. It also feels really good in your hand. It doesn’t consume much space in your pocket, which makes it even more compact and user-friendly. It’s well-executed, smart, and in true pod fashion, comes in a range of attractive color options.