At home like at the bar With Lavazza A MODO MIO®

Have you ever wanted to have high value coffee, but you are not in the mood to leave your house? Let’s be honest; we have all been there at one point or another. One would have to wonder, how can you get your favorite Italian brew coffee without going to Italy or having to pay a fortune to have it delivered. In this scenario, too, we figure out later that its nothing more than the coffee that you can get from your local store with a fancy label on it? Luckily for you, there is Gimoka Coffee. Gimoka Coffee is a distributor of authentic Italian coffee is roasted by Gruppo Gimoka.

Thanks to several years of experience within the coffee industry, along with a wide range of products. Also, Gimoka Coffee cater to the needs of each customer ranging from the high street restaurants and coffee shops to everyone who wants to enjoy authentic Italian coffee at home

The promise at Gimoka Coffee is to deliver both convenience and quality to their customer’s doorsteps. They are able to deliver a wide range of products to customers’ homes and businesses all across the UK. Not only do they deliver things like ground coffee and whole coffee beans, but they also deliver things like compatible capsules, Lavazza A MODO MIO®, Lavazza BLUE®, and several other compatible capsules. All of these are characterized by different selections, processes, and blends.

Whichever blend you decide to go with, you do not have to go much farther than Gimoka Coffee’s website to find them. Everything from the green bean selection to the final packaging, their products are guaranteed by the Gruppo Gimoka team that monitors every single stage of the production in order to ensure the perfect roasting curve for every kind of blend is being done. Gruppo Gimoka pays a ton of attention to quality, safety, and sustainability standards.

This reflects on their supply chain BRC certification for food farming safety. Also with this, they work alongside the IFS food safety assessment standards to ensure that their products are safe and that they fulfill both the legal requirements and contractual specifications. UTZ, 4C Association, and Fairtrade all certify Gimoka’s sustainability of growing coffee along with the fairness of their procurement phases.

Gimoka’s compatible capsules are available in Cremoso, Intenso, Soave Decaffeinated, and Vellutato. These give you the ability to have your coffee exactly how you like it at a very affordable price. Their compatible pods are sold in boxes of 16 single- serve coffee pods. And to make things even better, all of their pods are compatible with the Lavazza A MODO MIO® system. That just adds to the authentic Italian experience. All of the capsules are self- protected and vacuum packed. This is to help preserve the taste and aroma. Each capsule has 7.5 grams of coffee to make the perfect single serve espresso.

The Lavazza A MODO MIO® is registered as a trademark of the Luigi Lavazza® Spa. Mind you, the services and products that are displayed on their website are not affiliated, associated, sponsored, or endorsed by Lavazza®. They also have not been tested, reviewed, or even certified by Lavazza®. With that being said, the A Modo Mio® system is owned by Lavazza®. There is no direct connection between Lavazza® and Gimoka. Even though, yes Gimoka’s capsules are able to be used in the A Modo Mio® machines, they do not replace the original usage of the capsules that were produced by Lavazza®. With all of this authentic Italian coffee and coffee makers, it is surprising that not everyone has one in their home already.

NOTE: Regarding Lavazza A MODO MIO®

The trademark is not owned by Gimoka Coffee UK or by companies connected to it. The A MODO MIO® system is owned by Lavazza®. There is no connection between Gimoka Coffee UK  and Lavazza®. The compatibility of Gimoka capsules is functional for use on Lavazza A MODO MIO® machines and does not replace the use of the original capsules produced by Lavazza®.