Benefits of Booking Morning Flight

Many holiday goers often debate whether they should take an early morning flight or a late night one. Well, there is no right or wrong choice here. It all depends on your preference. But, morning flights have certain benefits, which are discussed in this write-up.

Today, when you travel by air, you have umpteen choices not only in terms of the airlines that you can choose to fly with but other choices as well. What movie to watch on the flight, what meal you want to have, what seat you would like to sit in, do you want to put the backpack in the overhead luggage bin or you want to check-in with our luggage, etc.

While you have the flexibility and the liberty to make so many choices to make your journey comfortable, the one choice that really matters the most is – whether you want to take an early morning flight or a late night one? Many people prefer travelling at night, especially if they are traveling on a week day as they have the flexibility to travel after work and catch up on sleep during the travel hours.

But, there are others who may prefer taking the early morning flight. Well, apart from being a preference, taking early morning flights comes with its own perks. Let us look at some of the benefits of taking early morning flights.

  • For starters, early morning air tickets are much cheaper than other flights that depart in the afternoon or late evening.
  • Also, research suggests that the morning flights are least likely to be delayed since there is not much air traffic during the wee hours.
  • Another significant benefit of taking early morning flight is that reaching the airport is much easier than any other time of the day. With not much traffic during the pre-dawn hours, you may probably reach the airport in half the time than otherwise.
  • Not to mention, during the early hours, the queues at the airport security, immigration is potentially non-existent or minimal. This means you need not wait for long hours for security clearance, and complete the formalities with ease.
  • Many travellers who prefer taking early morning flights have said that some of their most beautiful flight travel experiences have been while travelling early as they get to see the amazing sunrise and the beautiful glow as the sun illuminates the city below.
  • Taking early morning flight does not necessarily mean you must compromise on your sleep. Once you get comfortable on your seat and all the safety announcements are done, you can take a quick nap until you arrive at the destination. In most cases, you can get 1 to 1.5 hours of sleep. It is a good way to get started on your onward journey when you land.
  • If you are taking early morning flights on both ends of your trip, it can maximize your time at the destination. Wouldn’t it be much better to start the journey on a Saturday morning rather than Friday night as you may be already tired and probably even cranky after a long day at work. The journey could well start off on a wrong note.
  • If you are travelling within India and are taking a late-night flight, you may reach your destination within a couple of hours and with nothing to do at night, you may have while away your time at the airport or spend a few extra bucks for a night’s stay at the hotel.

Final Word

The golden age of air travel is now, and you can make the most of it by making one important choice – taking an early morning flight.  Waking at 4 am to catch a 6 am flight may seem unpleasant the night before, but it will be worth it when you arrive at your destination.