Best Free and Open Source SQL Injection Tools

S-Q-L injection is considering as a standout among the topmost extensively renowned attacks again the website apps. Their attacks based on injection or insertion of the S-Q-L query by the info from consumer to the application. An operative S-Q-L injections work would read an elusive set of info from databases, make an alteration of database info, implement the tasks of the organization on the database, earn substance of the available document show on the D-B-M-S record structure and then again the issue is still commanding to functioning operating system.

A successful S-Q-L injections attack would have access to reach the delicate information of servers such as secret code, electronic mail, consumer name, and many more. S-Q-L injection would be remarkably critical. Perform the classic S-Q-L injection is quite easier through the browser relying upon attack by the injecting questions in numerous limitations. However, it is also requiring an understanding of S-Q-L based questions. For the unseeing S-Q-L injection or some other ones, you should be a professional by owing a great extent of understanding regarding the database questions, record design and experience. As well as make use of manual tactics requires too much time.

Open Source SQL Injection Tools

Such tools are the most influential ones and would be performing automated S-Q-L injection attacks in contradiction of targeted apps.

B-SQL Hacker

B-S-Q-L hacker is considering as a great tool of S-Q-L injection – which assists you to keep performing S-Q-L injection attack against web applications. This injection tool is designed for the ones who are interested in automated S-Q-L injection tool. It’s particularly designed for the Blind S-Q-L injection. It is super-fast and performing multiple threaded attacks just for the sake of fast and better results. It’s working in the automated mode and would be extracted some set of info from the database. This tool is coming in the G-U-I as well as console support. You have access to keep trying any of the available modes of UI. From the mode of GUI, you would load or save the attack data.

It is supporting numerous points of injection that includes request string, cookies, H-T-T-P headers, and POST. It is also supporting a proxy on account to keep performing the attack. It would also utilize the default details of verification to logged in into the website accounts and then performing the attack from the available account. It’s supporting URL’s that are protected by S-S-L, as well as they would be utilized on the S-S-L URLs along with an illegal cert.


S-Q-LMap is fundamentally an open-source tool of S-Q-L as well as the topmost renowned amongst the entire available tools of S-Q-L injection. It turns outs easier to feat the S-Q-L injection susceptibility of the website app and takes possession of the database server. It is coming with an influential detection engine that can be detected easily at many S-Q-L injection-related susceptibilities. It’s supporting a huge-ranging of database servers. There are many famous database servers are previously added. 

Also, it is supporting numerous types of S-Q-L injection attacks that include Boolean based blind, time-based blind, error-based, U-N-I-O-N query-based, and stacked questions. One of the great aspects of this injection tool is: it originates along with an integrated system that recognizes the secret code hashes. It also assists in finding out the hash of the secret word, and after that, it cracks the PIN through execution of dictionary attack.


SQLninja is fundamentally considering as a tool of SQL injection – which is exploiting website apps that are using the server of SQL as a database server. This injection tool might not identify the place of injection on an initial basis. However, in case it got discovered, it would easily mechanize the procedure of exploitation and remove the set of info from the database server. 

It would incorporate the remote shots in the archive of the server of database OS on account to restrict the data implementation prevention. This tool is designed to let the attackers obtain remotely accessibility to the S-Q-L database server. SQLninja would be assimilated along with the Metasploit to obtain G-U-I accessibility to remote the database.

Safe3 SQL Injector

Safe3 S-Q-L injector is considering as the main influential tool but accessible to utilize the S-Q-L injection tool. Similar to different tools of S-Q-L injection, it turns out the procedure of S-Q-L injection automatically as well as assists the attackers to obtain the accessibility towards a remote server of S-Q-L to exploit the S-Q-L injection susceptibility. This tool owns an influential Artificial Intelligence system that identifies the database server easily, type of injection and the great mode to exploit the susceptibility.

It is supporting the H-T-T-P-S and H-T-T-P sites. You have access to perform S-Q-L injections through cookies, POST or GET. Moreover, this tool supports the verification to keep performing the S-Q-L injection attack. 


Mole is a fundamentally spontaneous tool of S-Q-L that is accessible for totally free. It is an open-source project which is hosted on the Source-forge. You are only required to identify the susceptible U-R-L and after this passing it in tool. It would discover the susceptibility from available U-R-L by makes use of the Union-based or else Boolean-based question tactics. Mole is offering a command-line-interface, the however interface is quite easier to utilize. 

Furthermore, it is also offering auto-completion on command arguments and commands. So, in that case, you would have access to make use of this tool easily. Mole is supporting Postgres, MsSQL and MySQL servers of the database. Here, you would only perform the S-Q-L injection attacks in contradiction of such databases. It is supporting cookie, P-O-S-T and G-E-T based attacks.


S-Q-L injection is fundamentally considering as the topmost usual attacks contrary to the website apps. It is utilized alongside the sites that are using the S-Q-L to make queries of data from the database server. An effective attack of S-Q-L injection has access to read the critical data that includes electronic mail, consumer name, PIN, as well as the details of credit card from the database. An attacker would read your sensitive data and change/remove data from the database. However, if you obtain any cyber security certifications – then you will be able to deal with technical aspects to secure your data. Though such tools would perform the attack automatically, and within a minute, a person would achieve an effective result of the attack. They also let the person get accessibility to the column or table of the database in only a single click and then attack the procedure.