Different type of bangles worn by Indian brides

Bangles have been a part of Indian tradition and heritage for ages, however with time, its forms have become more refined. It holds a special place in the lives of Indian women especially after marriage and for the newly wedded brides. It’s not just an ornament to enhance the beauty but there are many cultural traditions and beliefs attached to this simple yet intricate piece of jewelry. 

India is a culturally diversified land with many traditions and attires that is mostly visible at weddings. The bride and the bridesmaid can be seen flaunting the best mix of jewelry from gold bangles to heavy statement necklaces, pretty bracelets to solitaire nose rings to toe rings, borlas to anklets etc. Here is the compilation of some of the most gorgeous bangles worn by Indian brides from different states.

Rajasthani Brides

Rajasthani bangles are generally embedded with traditional motifs. As Marwari culture is quite dominant in Rajasthan, brides can be seen wearing Marwari style bangles in between the gold ‘kadas’ having cultural illustrations. They mostly come in red, off white and golden color. Typical Marwari women wear stacks of bangles covering half of their arm’s length. Giving a modernized twist to the old traditional look, Marwari women now can be seen flaunting just the thick gold bangles in both hands. 

Gujrati Brides

In Gujrat, Kundan Bangles are quite prevalent which is an example of fine craftsmanship and creativity. These colorful bangles come in different varieties and are lovable not just among the Gujrati brides but also to the gorgeous women all over the world. They range from simple monotone gold bands with gray diamonds to thick gold bangles with embedded red and green diamonds.

Punjabi Brides

Punjabis are known for their ‘full of life’ attitude and this is reflected in the way they carry themselves, the way they dress up, and the way they can turn weddings into festivals. The rich bridal ‘chudas’ and ‘Kaliras’ depicts a huge significance of their culture. Kaliras are umbrella-shaped hangings tied to the bangles. Almost every Punjabi bride can be seen sporting these on her D-day. 

Maharashtrian Brides

In Maharashtra, brides mostly wear green bangles in uneven numbers. They pair those bangles with intricately designed gold Kadas or thick gold bangles which gives the green bangles in between those kadas, a traditional ethnic look.

Bengali Brides

Bangles are an intricate part of Bengali tradition and culture. There are different types of bangles for every stage of a Bengali woman’s life. No one can see Bengali women barehanded after marriage as there will be at least one bangle in her hand. Saankha-Pola and Bauti are two of the famous Bengali bangles that hold prime importance in a married woman’s life.

Malayali Brides

Malayali brides have a special place for gold in their hearts. They wear a lot of gold to show their prosperity, especially on their wedding day. The bangles are no different but huge gold bangles, beautifully designed rich neckpieces, and solitaire rings differentiate the Malayali brides from the rest of the country. 

Tamil brides

From Punjabis to Tamilians, Women love gold as it completes their attire and gives them a perfect look. Tamil brides can be seen wearing a beautiful set of melorra gold bangles paired with other colorful bangles matching their outfits. It becomes difficult to take your eyes off such gorgeous bangles. 

Kerala brides

Palakka bangles are quite famous in Malabar, Kerala and is adorned by beautiful Kerala brides. They are normal gold bangles with traditionally green palakka stones along with some blue and red stones. The designs are inspired by nature and are mostly in the form of leaves.