Discounted Radiators & Shrouds

Whether you are replacing a leaking stock radiator or upgrading to an aluminum unit for competition work, purchasing a discounted replacement makes sense.

Radiators can be costly, and even a midsize sedan radiator can run over $300,00 and up. Purchasing directly from the manufacturer affords you the quality you need and a price point that makes upgrading more sensible.

Purchasing at a discounted radiators & shrouds does not compromise quality, and most aftermarket units will meet or exceed factory specifications.

Upgrading to Aluminum Saves in More than One Way

When you upgrade to an aluminum radiator and shroud assembly, you are saving in more than one way.

The first is the weight advantage-usually a 15 to 20 percent savings over a conventional copper and brass unit.

The next saving is in the improved performance and efficiency of your vehicle. Because Aluminum is a superior heat conductor, your vehicle will run cooler, deliver more power and use less fuel.

Average cost of a Replacement Radiator is over $300.00

That is just the starting point, and a replacement unit can easily be double that amount. Buying Factory Direct makes even more sense when you are working directly with the manufacturer.

You may discover that upgrading to an aluminum radiator and shroud is the same as staying with a standard copper and steel unit.

For comparison purposes, a comparison of the cost of a new radiator for a 1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass with the 350 v8 showed some surprising results.

A stock copper and brass unit cost $381, while an aluminum equivalent was $190. That is nearly twice the cost.

Why is the cost so different? One factor is the cost of materials. Copper and brass prices have skyrocketed over the years. Also, the manufacturing process for aluminum   radiators is more automated and streamlined

The advantages of Upgrading to an Aluminum Radiator and Shroud Assembly.

Aluminum radiators can be used to replace conventional copper and brass units and guarantees a long service life. Aluminum radiators also have wider tubes, allowing more coolant to pass which increases efficiency, and the aluminum is a harder alloy which resists deformation under pressure.

In performance applications where high cooling system pressures are encountered this is a great advantage and prevent potential failure.

Most conventional radiators have an equivalent replacement in aluminum, and the cost is often less than a copper and brass original.

Even if your vehicle has a perfectly functioning radiator, there may be reasons to consider changing to an aluminum radiator.

  • Competition. if you drive your vehicle in competition events, the added cooling capacity will help your engine last longer.
  • Weight. The lower weight of aluminum, roughly 15 to 20 percent less than copper is an instant advantage.
  • Towing or driving in hot conditions is another reason to consider an upgrade. Aluminum not only provides better cooling but resists high cooling system pressures better than copper.

Does Buying Discounted Radiators & Shrouds Mean Inferior Quality?

Definitely not. While there are many manufacturers most follow ISO, International Organization for Standardization. This is an organization that audits manufacturing processes in most manufacturing industries to make sure that products meet their stated specs.

Buying a discounted radiator just means you are saving money, not sacrificing quality or durability.

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