Fantasy Football gives a feel of playing Real football

The games and sports attract many players in this era. There are fantasy games that can help the gamers to enjoy the game playing virtually yet enjoying the norms of the games with a little variation. Fantasy sports game attract sports lovers as these games give the experience of playing real games online with same passion and thrill. There is huge list of online games played, sports game are liked by many sports lover. These games are cricket, kabaddi, football, baseball, hockey and basket ball. These are fantasy games that prove to the world the importance of all the sports played worldwide.

Fantasy Football is a game where the participants or people create their own team that can compete with the fantasy owners. The selection of team is based upon the statistics and scores generated by the real individual players or team that are professional. With best fantasy football game the football game lovers can experience playing real football without playing physically. They can enjoy the online game and find them totally involved and enjoying to a great extent. According to their original score the team of real football players is created. Their main aim is to create the best team that can score well.

Fantasy Football:

Football is a game with international reputation that is enjoyed by a huge number of lovers. The rules of the game on this platform are also very simple and just like the offline game. Fantasy football is an online game that involves 11 top players in a team. It is a virtual team created by the user and includes players who have scored and are rewarded for their individual performance in real life games. The top 11 players should be selected on the basis that they will score points for the team. The players’ performance in goal-keeping, mid-fielding, striking and defending should be considered while selecting the players for the team. As the game progresses, fantasy points of every player get updated on the basis of their performance. An excellent platform is provided by Fantasy Football to the sports lovers to showcase their knowledge and skills to win the game in daily life. With playing the exciting games and enjoying you can also earn real cash prizes assured bonuses and awesome cash back by using the basic gaming skills and knowledge.

Downloading the new fantasy football app:

The new fantasy football app can be easily downloaded by the sports lover to play the game and enjoy like real matches. There are various websites offering different fantasy games one can open the site and enter their mobile number. The user can get app download link on their mobile, through which one can easily download the fantasy game app. After installing the app you can enjoy unlimited fantasy sports. The app offers attractive options that might include refer & earn promotions, rewards and assured fantastic gaming experience. The app also offers to its users a user-friendly interface, exclusive offers and promotions, updates and secured as well as safe transactions. You can also watch live games on the app. The best platform is offered with altogether a new experience of the world of fantasy sports.

Practice and Cash Contest:

The app offers variety of matches like practice, cash and private matches. If you are new to the fantasy sports game, it is better to select a practice contest which helps you test your knowledge and skills of your favorite fantasy online games. The prediction over the performance of the players can also be judged. If you are already aware about the point calculating system and the rules of the game in fantasy sports then you should opt cash contest. The knowledge and skills related to the game will help you earn some real cash. In various games you can easily select the options from small to big cash contests.

Fantasy Football games played online:

Get Started: Downloading the app is followed by selecting Cash league or Practice Contest. The next is to create your best team that includes 11 players. Points are allotted for creating the team and selecting the players. The chosen players will give you points according to their performance in the real matches. The team of 11 players includes 1 goalkeeper, forwards minimum 1 and maximum 3, defenders minimum 3 and maximum 5, mid-fielders minimum 3 and maximum5. Squad of maximum 7 players can form a single tea. You can create the squad of 11 players from both the teams competing against each other.

Cash Leagues and Practice Contest: If t you are new or a beginner to the online game you should choose the practice contest. On the other hand if you are aware about the fantasy games and have required knowledge you can choose Cash leagues to play. Private league can be played by the user, by inviting friends to download the app by refer option. With your friends you can enjoy playing private leagues.

Points system:

The scoring pattern of this game is divided into three parts –Attack, Defence and Bonus. All the rules related to the game are explained in the fantasy game app. The positive points in the game can be attracted by every successful tackle or assist, clean Sheet and valid scored goal. Self goal would attract a negative point to the game. Valid assist will give you 5 points whereas penalty shot saved would give you points.

Discipline: In every game discipline is must otherwise the player faces negative points. There are two disciplinary cards. If the player gets any of these cards during match it will attract negative points for the team. Yellow card give 1 negative point while Red card attracts 3 negative points.

Winning the best fantasy football game require patience, skill and determination for the participant. The virtual games are played and the winners are decided according to the real life performances of the players and their score. Either you play practice contest or cash contest points are scored when players in the squad are selected.