Get an Electric Scooter for Safer Commutes during Covid

Electric scooters have come to the rescue during the unprecedented pandemic times. These commuters are not only cost-effective and convenient but also highly capable of keeping you away from health hazards in such sensitive times. Many brands are coming forward to protect the citizens in a unique way by promoting these electric scooters. Alongside their efforts, insurance companies have also come up with bike insurance policies that can keep your finances safe with these scooters.

With a wide range of options and great comfort, electric scooters might just be the perfect companion for your everyday traveling. Want to know how? We have brought to you not one or two but a whole list of reasons why getting an electric scooter can keep you safe during COVID-19.

Let’s get started!

Cost Effective

The pandemic lockdown has left almost everyone in a financial crunch. With the gradual unlock, economic activities have seen an escalation as well. However, commuting in cars or public transport is not the most convenient option when you need to go to work. The traffic and jammed public transport can not only leave you exposed to contamination risk but also consume a lot of your time. What better than a smooth two-wheeler to ride in such times? The perk is that these electric scooters are way cheaper than average motorcycles and cars out there. You don’t need to break your bank to get one now. On top of that, you can also avail of EMI options that makes the immediate purchase much easier! 

You can also buy bike insurance cover at quite an effective price without having to stress about the cost. Safe? Very!

Personal Transport

Buses? No. Cabs? No. Metro? Nope.

None of the public transports can provide you with enough safety and sanitation that a private transport can. Regardless of how many times the interiors and exteriors of a public transport is sanitized, you can’t be sure of optimum safety at any point. Moreover, over cramming public transports is a common practice in India even in the current situation. 

This and a lot many reasons has given rise to the need of private transport and what better than an electric scooter. The two-seater vehicle calls for no external assistance or sharing your ride with a stranger. You can scoot away in peace without the stress and risk of contamination.

Minimal External Contact

Right from medical experts to our grand moms have been encouraging us to avoid any contact from the outside world. However, going to work or out to get essentials cannot be avoided. If you use private transport, you will also need to get your fuel tank filled and maybe exchange currency as well, leading to extra contact with another person. This is where electric scooters are life-saviours. With these bikes, you don’t need to get a fuel refill or exchange currency at petrol pumps (that have went through a whole lifecycle before touching your fingertips). You only need to charge it at home and go around carefree! Safety assured!

Electric scooters have witnessed greater popularity in recent times- all thanks to the added benefits that it offers. Want to become the part of this squad? Get yourself an e-scooter today!