High-End Luxurious Lampshade – The Best Fabric To Go For

There are many types of lampshades, and just as many fabrics to choose from. However, if you’re going for the high-end luxurious kind, there is only one popular material to choose from, we look at the different types of options you can get and which one tops our list.

Different Types of Fabrics For Lampshades

Shopping around for the right lampshade is as exciting as buying furniture. You get to choose the right colours you want, and decide what matches the rest of the interiors, and can even mix and match to suit your personal preference. When deciding which of the lot is the best to add to your living room or bedroom, the fabric is one of the most important parts to think about.

Cotton: Often stores sell cotton shades made from either 100% cotton or a mixture of Polyester and cotton.

Hessian: These are typically made from a type of weave pattern to allow the light to come through the shade. If you are looking for a pattern effect this would suit that cause.

Velvet: Some online stores sell Venetian velvet which can look expensive but may not last a long time.

Our top choice?

Silk Lampshades

Authentic silk materials often come from silkworm cocoons and are man made synthetic fabric. A luxurious option for most homes, you can opt for a pleated silk lampshade with gold or silver trim to complement any living room and even your bedroom furniture. It is the ideal eye-catching piece when added in the right place, plus the lighting often gives off a perfect ambience depending on the colours you go for.

Some authentic stores, online and land-based, create their silk lampshades from screen printing onto real silk from countries such as India, where some of the best materials come from. By buying silk you are often buying into excellent quality and an affluent aesthetic.

Things to Consider When Buying The Right Lampshade

There may be a point in your lampshades life when it’s time to replace it or add some new ones to your home. Before you get clicking to buy one, there are a few things to consider:

The purpose for buying one: Do you want one for the bedroom or living room? Bedroom lights are usually warm and cosy, so getting a white light here may not work for this purpose. On the other hand, if you’re going for a sitting room, white light may just work.

The Shape: Lamps come in an array of shapes such as square, round, oval, custom made. Decide what shape best fits the room and go for it.

The General Proportions: Do you like big and bold or small and quaint? For small spaces sometimes dramatic lighting may do the trick to make a statement, however, if it’s space you’re lacking, smaller lampshades may be just the thing. In terms of the lamp itself, choose one that is proportionate, i.e. the base and shade should be equal in size.

Wide or Narrow Openings: Some shades tend to get too hot if they are narrow on the top. Opt for something wider if this is the case, as well as LED bulbs. The way to tell is by turning it on and feeling the top opening after a few seconds.

Choosing the right lamp should be a crucial decision in any phase of purchasing one for your home.