Hotels, Activities and Attractions at Lake Toba, Sumatra

Lake Toba is quite possibly the most loved vacation spot in Sumatra. The travel industry in Lake Toba is genuinely grown, however it actually holds its own tranquil appeal.

It is the most prominent volcanic lake on the planet estimating at 1,707 sq ft. It is shaped by a colossal volcanic emission about 70,000 years prior and is most likely the world’s most extraordinary caldera. As a reality, this lake was a result of an enormous super volcanic emission around 77,000 years prior, which is known as the Toba calamity hypothesis that is supposed to have slaughtered a large number of the human populace.

With peaceful and quiet excellence, many people cause an outing in Lake Toba to loosen up and keep in mind that the time away, particularly after no-nonsense, expanded hiking or journeying.

Where is it?

This biggest volcanic lake is located in Sumatra, Indonesia. Samosir island (Pulau Samosir) inside the lake is the island within the island of Sumatra.

Why go?

In the midst of mountains with a clear lake that nearly reflects anything, it is certainly a loosening up the place. Yet, as a little something extra, the Batak public living here is another feature of the spot; being active, they will ensure your visit is justified. Simply say “Horas” (the practice Batak hello) and you will receive a portion of their goodwill and a bit of their nearby wilderness juice, lines, and music.

When is the best opportunity to go?

The best ideal opportunity to go to Lake Toba is May when the climate changes from marginally cool to warm. The warmth may go up extremely high as it keeps on summering, yet it is additionally unpredictable and may have an abrupt downpour. During winter, there is a ton of precipitation here.

The spot is additionally especially famous during Chinese New Year, around January/February of the year, in this manner, observe at the climb in costs and spasm in style.

What to see ?

There are viewed as a great deal of vacation destinations here for you as it is a genuinely well-known traveler place. In the event that you care sharp, you may effortlessly discover a visit, including to Pulau Samosir, an island in this lake itself.


You may go to Tuk, a well-known spot for the vacationers, with an extraordinary perspective on Lake Toba. Here you can do your shopping and get a few books from the used bookshop.


Tomok is a calmer spot however with better food choices and scrumptious Indonesian food. You may likewise luxuriate in its rich culture as there is an entombment place for the King Sidabutar, which is important to the neighborhood individuals.

Conventional Dance

There are conventional moves around, one at Batak Museum and another in Restaurant Bagus Bay.


Simply above Tuk, you may reach there just by strolling and take a decent swim in it.

Natural aquifer

About 40kms from Tuk – the water is truly hot. Consequently, probably won’t have the option to swim in, however you may appreciate a light plunge.

Activities and Attractions

As referenced, it is a spot to unwind, it is generally not to do a great deal of things. Simply kick back and unwind, chill by the lakeside. In the event that you should do somethings, swim in the volcanic lake, or take a boat out the lake either in the day or in an overnight gathering, with the spring of gushing lava as a background. Book lovers can read book here because there is a used bookshop for you to explore.

For some dynamic activities, you can go for kayaking on the Lake Toba. You may take a boat ride on the lake. Or then again wash up in the natural aquifers. Not to mention, there are numerous tasty food sources close by towns at Tomok. Another tip is to lease a motorbike and visit around the Samosir island.

In any case, on the off chance that you need to visit a few attractions around Lake Toba, you can visit:

Exhibition hall Huta Bolon Simanindo, which has exhibitions twice day by day.

Makam Raja Sidabutar – graves of the previous Batak Kings.

Stone seats in Ambarita – dated back to 300 years prior and fill in as a judgment seat.

Climb Pusuk Buhit – the primary mountain in Lake Toba region, it would require 5 hours to the highest point.

Shop for materials – get your keepsake at Suhi-Suhi town.

Where to remain

There are numerous inns, guesthouses, and resorts along the lake in Tuk, for sure further away in more modest towns. You don’t have to stress over options of stay in Lake Toba, particularly for Chinese New Year, where it may top with travelers subsequently climb in cost and presumably need space. The best appraised inns here are Horas Family Home and Toba Village Inn. At the same time, the best spending choice in here is the Toba Cats Garden.

Vacation is more than just the accommodation, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Lake Toba by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.