How AI is Influencing Digital Marketing


The rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its infiltration to every other technological field have been immense, but not easily grasped by most. One of the fields impacted by AI in Digital Marketing, which is a major source of bread and butter (directly or indirectly) for those flocking the web.

Since its inception, AI has had both, opponents and proponents, debating over its incredible growth. Its proponents wholeheartedly vouch for the potential miracles AI can birth due to its capacity to store and analyze tons of data that no human mind can even perceive. Consequently, it can assess, analyze, and establish facts with bladelike precision that can foster more informed decision-making at every turn.

Conversely, the overwhelming influence of AI has been met with suspicion and fear of its negative effect on humankind. Apart from the long-held paranoia graphically depicted in sci-fi and literature that machines and robots may conquer humanity with the aim to enslave or annihilate it, other objections stem from the lack of privacy due to Machine Learning’ insatiable hunger for data.

Lastly, many fear that intelligent machines would steal employment from millions of people around the world. Even prominent tech personalities like Bill Gates have had the notion of taxing robots to counter the loss of income for those left out of their job due to increasing automation.

There has been a lot of debate over the effect of automation on marketing, and the overall economy, but the concept of AI rendering individuals destitute is not sensible. In fact, the trend we have been witnessing in technology, apart from direct job creation, is to assist humans in making their jobs easier.

The Role of AI in Marketing

While predicting what role the AI might play in marketing and to what extent it will transform the field in the foreseeable future, we must assess where AI is currently making progress in marketing:

  • Personalized services delivered by Armour, such as health and fitness recommendation provided via smartphones
  • Macy’s On Call AI-powered shopping assistant delivering customized services, also available in Spanish to cater to its wide range of audiences.
  • Using voice commands to add items to the cart in Amazon and Tesco e-stores.
  • Voice-activated assistance provided by Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home.
  • Airbnb pairing up its millions of users with appropriate accommodations.

Even Internet Service Providers such as Spectrum Servicio Al Cliente, are infusing such technology into their customer service to streamline their support process.

These instances of AI-powered software at work doesn’t surprise us anymore as they have become quite rife in our industry, most do not even perceive that it’s AI behind all the intelligent responses of the app.

Not so long ago we believed that intelligent voice-activated devices such as speakers like Alexa and Google are the stuff of science fiction fantasy, confined to programs like the Jetsons.

However, today these voice-activated speakers grace millions of homes across the globe, and by 2030, we may consider them a common household staple like microwave and TV.

This development may as well change the landscape of digital marketing as myriad tools such as PPC, social media, etc, will be armed with a voice-activated protocol. Such as content linking to a voice-activated device, which may further take action like signing up, ordering, or requesting callbacks.

The Workings of Big Data

The use of big data has contributed to delivering personalized marketing messages and services to customers. Case in the example is of Airbnb that gathers data of its customers for its machine learning endeavors that pinpoint what a user wants by analyzing their past interaction, experiences, and actions.

Moreover, we have witnessed plenty of e-commerce apps that assess a user’s past purchases and send targeted marketing messages accordingly. Such as customer purchasing hair accessories at Amazon would later see many similar ads by other providers, and may get similar product recommendations as they visit the e-store again.

This may have consequences for buyer personas in marketing such as recording of user behavior and its analysis by AI can conjure more on-point buyer personas. Moreover, this may help detect emerging trends in customer behavior much faster than traditional marketing research techniques.

Buyer personas can now be personalized to individual levels, with marketing messages delivered as per the needs of a specific group in unique circumstances. Moreover, the personas can even be finely focused by taking other factors such as seasonal, in which we determine how much a customer spends during a certain holiday.

What the future beholds

The gathering and analysis of customer data have proven to be quite a boon for marketers as it has helped deepen the understanding of customers to an individual level. However, concerns regarding the lack of privacy of users arise and the extent to which a marketer should access information about users. The issue has undergone hot debate while making legislation across the globe, including the GDPR rules developed by the EU or the Data Protection Act.

Which poses the dilemma that to what extent marketers can infuse AI and utilize data, and at what point the lawmakers may deem it too violating of individual privacy rights.

The emerging technologies and their ubiquitous adoption may require increasing use of data, but more legislations can prove to slow down the brisk adoption.

Any more regulations on the use of data in AI has cautioned marketers to employ it without impinging on customer’s privacy, and disclose how they are utilizing the data to customers in order to reassure them.

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