How to Know If Your Home Has a Mold Issue?

Mold is a common issue in many homes where there has been either water damage or long term moisture accumulation in areas that are dark and musty. Despite the inherent medical dangers, mold can also cause damage to the wood and sheetrock within a home. When you consider the risks it imposes upon your family’s health and how it can destroy the value of you home, it’s important to first identify if you might have mold and then seek a rapid remedy that will remove it quickly and effectively. The mold removal experts at Elite Moisture Solutions recommends that if you notice any of the signs listed below, then you should call a professional mold remediation company immediately to have them do a mold inspection along with an indoor air quality test to confirm not only if you have mold, but what type of mold is present.

How to Identify Hidden Signs Of Having Mold In the House?

When moldmoves into your home and takes up residence, it’s usually your lungs, eyes, and skin that will be paying the rent. A crawl space that hasn’t been encapsulated or a damp basement can be the best place for mold to grow since moisture can easily be found in these areas. The black, dense moldthat grows there can trigger health issues like diarrhea, persistent headache, breathing trouble, and more. Here are some of the signs to identify mold:

  • Watery and stinging eyes, along with nasal congestion, can be the symptoms of having mold in the house.
  • When your skin tinglesfor no reason, or a burning sensation and itching might be a sign that you have accidentally come in contact with mold.
  • Mold spores can trigger asthma symptoms, as well.
  • The bubbling of paint on the walls depict that there is moisture which can produce mold.
  • Cough without having a cold can be indicative of mold.
  • When the floor feels squishy, it’s also a symptom of mold growth.

Why Should You Consider Hiring a Professional Mold Remediation Company?

Water damage from leaky pipes or floods can cause severemold damage that can be tough to handle on your own. Most often the damage goes unnoticed as it usually grows in isolated areas, and dealing with the dangerousodorsof mold isn’t something most homeowners have equipment available for dealing with it. You should hire a mold mitigation expert as soon as you suspect any early signs to prevent your family from experiencing the hazardous health issues.Here are somesome tips Elite Moisture Solutions recommends for choosing the best mold remediation company in your area:

  • Hire a professional and experienced professional with many years of experience.
  • Seek a solid reputation where the company has many online reviews from previous customers.
  • Make sure they are insured and licensed.
  • Consider different options when comparing prices.
  • The potential company should offer the services of indoor air quality testing.
  • Make sure they can not only remove mold from your home, but they can also provide a plan from repairing any damage and preventing further mold growth.

Final Verdict

Too much water exposure and moisture can create a habitat for mold to grow and reproduce. If mold is growing in your house, it can cause infection and trigger breathing problems. It can grow in the carpeting, walls, upholstery, and almost in any area.Regular inspection and some precautionary measures can help you to avoid some serious problems.