How to Maintain Teak Furniture 

Teak wood outdoor furniture in Melbourne is a great option if you want long-lasting wood sets of furniture for your garden or patio. It just requires a little bit of care and maintenance in order for it to last for decades. To keep your teak wood furniture looking as good as when you first bought it from one of your local outdoor furniture stores, it’s essential that you don’t apply the wrong product. This article will outline which products should be used as well as detailing the right way of cleaning and maintaining your teak outdoor furniture. 

Why Choose Teak Wood Outdoor Furniture?

Teak is known to be a dense and naturally oily wood. This natural oil helps protect the wood from termite infestation and moisture. Due to these unique properties, teak outdoor furniture in Melbourne can be left in the rain, wind, heat and cold without any negative consequences. 

Teak wood is a golden honey tone when it’s bought new, but over time it will fade to a light grey colour. This is purely a cosmetic change and your furniture will still be just as strong as before. If you would like the golden colour to stay for a bit longer, there are some measures you can take to slow the fading of teak furniture. 

Should You Use Teak Oil? 

Many outdoor furniture stores and furniture manufacturers tell you to use teak oil on your teak outdoor furniture in Melbourne. This sounds logical, but it’s not the best course of action. Teak oil is a blend of linseed oil and various solvents. What this oil does to your furniture is give it an initial glow, but over time it can dry out your teak outdoor furniture. The colour of your furniture will fade quickly and you’ll have to keep reapplying the oil every few months to keep ahead of the fade. If any teak oil gets stuck to the surface of your furniture, it could also cause fungus growth – black spots on your precious wood. Mildew could also be a problem, as the oil adds extra moisture to the wood. Ultimately, using oil on your teak outdoor furniture in Melbourne is not always a good option.   

 What about Teak Sealer?

Teak sealer will not damage the natural oils in the wood, but instead protects them, as it provides a barrier between them and the oxidising air. You only need to apply sealer once a year, which dramatically cuts down on maintenance time.  An annual application will prevent fading of your teak outdoor furniture in Melbourne

 How Do I Clean Teak Outdoor Furniture in Melbourne?

Teak outdoor furniture in Melbourne is extremely long-lasting. A little bit of maintenance will remove dirt and prevent the growth of mould. Clean your teak furniture on a sunny day so it dries quickly. Use a specific teak cleaner which will not only clean, but also brighten the hue of the wood. If you don’t have teak cleaner, you can use soapy water instead. 

Scrub the surface of the wood in the direction of the grain. Use a non-metallic brush, and don’t use much force. Rinse off your teak with a garden hose. Don’t clean teak furniture using a pressure cleaner, as this will be too harsh and can cause damage. When you’re done cleaning, pat the wood dry with a towel and leave the furniture in the sun to dry. If you want to apply teak sealer after cleaning, make sure the furniture is completely dry first.