How to Style Your Living Room with L Shaped Sofa Design?

A sofa is the centerpiece of attraction and appreciation from your guests. The very first thing when you come home is tossing your bag on the sofa and taking a deep sigh of relief. Finally, you get to wind down at home! Isn’t it true?

Also, this is where your guests are seated offering comfortable and relaxing space to them too. Even on your most hectic days, the vibes in your living room refresh you with your perfectly comfortable sofa set! What better than an L shape sofa design? It is the most spacious sofa design that you can buy. Outspread either on the left or right, it is customizable to your preference.

One can have different possible arrangements for L-shaped sofas. It depends on the size and the layout of other furnishings in your living room. Often considered to be a crowded design, but if set up properly, the same L shape sofa design can be attractive and highly functional too.

While positioning the L section of the sofa, you must place them appropriately. The L shape adds an aesthetic design to your living room furniture. They make a comfortable seating space for the living room, family rooms, and even multimedia rooms in large spaces. You can complement this design with a coffee table, TV unit that matches the design language. All of this while keeping in mind the right amount of comfort and coziness to your sofa.

Let us look at some styling tips that you can keep in mind while revamping with an L shaped sofa:

Open Arrangement:

While placing the two sections, make sure you position the sofa next to the long edge of the L. You could try placing it at an angle so that it allows eye contact between the people seated on the sofa. Placing both sections to face a similar direction is important in having an open arrangement.

Work With the Room:

While arranging your L shaped sofa, take into account the other furnishing in your rooms. For example a dining table or a window. You could place the back section of the sofa to define a dining space from the living room area. For narrow rooms, the L section could be placed against a wall while facing the long edge of the L. This can create a room for conveniently placing a nice table design in between while enjoying your favorite coffee with your family and guests. Working with the room dimensions can improve the utility and overall look and feel of the sofa design.

Facing Each Other:

For greater convenience, the shorter arm of the L shape can be placed perpendicularly to the long arm. This creates a space in the center as well as the corner where a cute little coffee table can be neatly kept. Also, you could improve the decor with a decorative carpet underneath the coffee table that complements the sofa and the center table piece. Instead of placing a small table at the corner edge of the sofa, you can reposition the shorter arm to make up for a comfortable place where one can relax with their legs spread too.

Orient Them:

The orientation of your L shaped sofa depends on the focal point in your living room. If the focal point is a television, placing both pieces of the sofa such that all those seated can view the television shall be the appropriate orientation. On the other hand, if the focal point is a window, make sure you place it such that there is a breeze through your window to both pieces of the sofa set. The focus of your seating area is crucial in determining the orientation of the furniture.

Some of the popular L shaped sofa designs are:

  • Paddington Fabric Lounger by HomeTown is a right-hand lounger. You can get a similar design in a left side arrangement too. It has tufted backrest design to provide you with the perfect comfort for your guests.
  • Apollo Sectional Tufted Sofa by Urban Ladder is a highly customizable design which is available in different options to choose from. You can get it in either a 3 seater or 4 seater variant.
  • Oslo Leatherette Lounger by HomeTown is a combination of a three-seater sofa and a chaise. Perfect to occupy the tricky corners of your living room and most of the available space.

Select the best design according to your preference with the varied customizations available. Make sure you decide on the arrangement of your sofa before buying a left-sided or right-sided orientation.