How to track a car with GPS tracker

In today’s day and age, technology has reached a level that we cannot even imagine. It can now not only track your moment but gives you the authority to track the movement of your car all by yourself. It’s like watching a movie with high-end technology that shows the screen which depicts the live location of the car.  User can get the precise location of the car and can also know the trip history as well.

People buy expensive cars to enjoy the luxuries attached to it and also to make a mark in the society. This sometimes become a headache for the owner as the people around get attracted to such cars and try to be around it without your consent. Not all the cars come with parking assistant, dash cam, and GPS tracking devices.  In such situations, our smartphones come to rescue and can do the job perfectly. While you would need an additional device in the car that could connect to your phone via mobile network to help you access the real time location of the car and let you use the other features.

KENT CamEye is one such device that has the best user interface and mobile app and can suffice all your security needs. It has dual cameras to record inside and outside of the car. The device has features that make you awestruck and lets you customize the alerts and saves the recordings of the trip on the cloud. The user can download the same whenever they want and review what all is happening during the entire trip.

Some of its features include:

GPS Location: This feature lets you track your vehicle by using the 3G/4G connectivity with GPS technology. GPS tracks the vehicle in real-time.

Geofencing: This feature helps the user in creating a virtual geographical boundary or fence around the selected area. This simply means that the vehicle is set near to the location and radius of restricted movement. Whenever the vehicle goes out of this geographical location, an alert is generated and sent to the user’s phone.

Easy Installation: It is a NON-OBD based device and can be easily installed. It doesn’t interfere with the original wiring of the vehicle, which means that the installation doesn’t void the warranty of the vehicle.

What Does KENT CamEye Do?

KENT CamEye is a product that helps you in ensuring the safety of your loved one and of your vehicle in your absence.

Who all can be benefited from KENT CamEye?

Parents of Small Kids: KENT CamEye offers great features for parents who rely on chauffeur driven cars. They can live stream the inside or outside view of the car, whether it is moving or is parked. Besides this, it records audio & video of both views, when the car is in motion and uploads on real-time basis on secure cloud storage. It also alerts the parents once their kids in the car, reach or leaves the pre-defined locations such as school, hobby class etc.

Car Owners: KENT CamEye acts as a strong deterrent against commonly-faced issues with drivers. The device sends alerts on your phone when the driver sleeps in the car with the AC ON or if he drives rashly and over speeds. The user can also check the recorded videos of past trips, saved on cloud storage, to see who all were sitting in the car and identify the occupants of car through face recognition. It also allows you to playback the route travelled by car and find out if the driver has taken a detour for personal work.

Parents of teenagers: They particularly worry about the safety of their teenagers, their whereabouts and driving behaviour. KENT CamEye addresses these problems by letting you know their current location, their companions in the car and details about late night trips. It also sends an alert when the teenager is driving over the speed limit set by you. A GPS Tracking Device in Teenager car can be of great help.