Options for Addiction Treatment in Orange County

Addiction is one of the most pressing issues facing the public health system today. For those who live in the southern California area and might be struggling with these issues, Orange County rehab can be helpful. Of course, it is important for everyone to know about the options that are available to them. There are two distinct forms of addiction treatment. These are inpatient rehab and outpatient treatment.

An Overview of Inpatient Rehab

For those who are looking for help with addiction treatment, inpatient rehab is one of the first places people usually go. When someone signs up for inpatient rehab, they usually live at the facility for anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months. The first part of addiction treatment is detox. This is where someone gets rid of all alcohol or drugs from their system. This is going to be accompanied by something called withdrawal. This could include shakes, chills, fevers, or even seizures depending on the substance from which someone is detoxing.

After someone has finished detoxing, the next step in addiction treatment is to learn skills that will help someone cope with their urges once they leave inpatient treatment. This could include a mix of sessions in a one on one setting with a trained medical professional in addition to group treatment sessions as well. Once someone has completed the treatment course and shown improvement, they will move to the outpatient side of addiction treatment.

Maintaining Sobriety in the Outpatient World

The other type of addiction treatment that someone might use is called outpatient rehab. When someone goes to outpatient rehab, there are a few forms that this can take. First, there are a lot of one on one sessions that take place in the outpatient side of addiction treatment. This might include meetings weekly, biweekly, and even monthly. As people stay sober for longer periods of time, there are might be greater breaks between appointments.

Another critical part of this type of addiction treatment involves group sessions. At group sessions, people who are in addiction treatment can learn from the experiences of their peers while also helping others walk the same path. The goal of outpatient addiction treatment is to help people not just get sober but stay sober as well.

Enroll in Addiction Treatment with Orange County Rehab

When it comes to finding the right addiction treatment, there are lots of options for Orange County rehab. This is a pressing issue facing society today. The good news is that there are plenty of treatment options available for those who are looking for addiction treatment. The first step is to ask for help from trained professionals.