Prescription Sunglasses Buying Guide


Having regular eyeglasses means that you will have good vision at night and indoors, but it is not a practical solution for a bright, sunny day.

That is the main reason why you should find proper prescription glasses. If you wish to correct your current vision, the best way to protect yourself against harmful UV rays outside is by using prescription eyewear.

You can find numerous tints that will provide you with comfort while outside, with proper vision correction. You should enter this link: to learn more about eye health in general.

Therefore, we recommend you get designer sunglasses that come with prescription because they are highly effective for keeping your sight safer than beforehand.

Besides, you can prevent eyestrain and glare during hot summer days by getting vision correction options that feature polarized lenses.

Keep in mind that this particular option will provide you with a filter that will block reflections from car hoods, pavement, sand, water, and snow.

If you decide to combine contact lenses with non-prescription sunglasses, you will not get the same comfort level. That is the main reason why you should get proper prescription sunglasses that will provide you peace of mind.

Simultaneously, you can stop wearing contact lenses that are highly uncomfortable and can lead to irritation and dryness. Wearing contact lenses while swimming is the worst thing you can do because you can get an eye infection.

On the other hand, you can use vision correction eyewear to prevent this particular problem. Generally, proper vision correction come with any prescription that you can implement, including progressive or multifocal, to see all distances.

Wide Array of Lens Types

We have mentioned above that prescription sunglasses come with numerous lens options, including glass, high-index plastic, Trivex, and polycarbonate.

Even though you can find glass lenses that feature the highest optical quality, they are not as popular as other options.

The main reason for that is they are heavier than other materials and prone to breakage. That is why we recommend you to check out Ray-Ban Glasses with a prescription to ensure that you get high-quality options for your needs.

You can also get photochromic options that will darken when you reach intense sunlight, but they come with a higher price tag than other options you can find.

Still, they are not adequate for driving, which is why you should visit an optician to provide you a sun-activated tint just for this particular reason. Remember that photochromic options will darken only when they are in direct contact with sunlight.

Ultra-Violet Protection

Even though the style is fundamental, the first thing you should consider is whether a particular pair comes with proper UV protection that will block 100% of rays.

Most people think that UV protection goes hand-in-hand with density and colour, but that is not the case.

Therefore, we recommend visiting a professional optician that will provide you with proper lenses that feature 100% UV protection.

Remember that buying prescription sunglasses is a more significant investment than other options; you will get two-in-one, which is a vital consideration to remember.