Proper ways to store fragile items

It is not enough to simply write ‘fragile’ along the side of your storage containers or cardboard boxes that hold fragile items. Fragile items need to be moved and stored by taking extra precautions to ensure their longevity. Moving is stressful enough without the stress of worrying about items breaking.

How to properly transport fragile items

Pack them in a box that’s fully supportive. The easiest way to break items is to not create a support system around them. You need to use bubble wrap, newspapers, air wrap, foam pieces or soft fabric inside boxes and storage containers that have fragile items.

Place them towards the top of your storage unit stacks. When putting items in your storage unit, it is important that you place fragile items on the top. This will help ensure any heavy boxes are at the bottom and won’t cause harm.

Use plastic containers instead of cardboard. Another way to transport fragile items is in heavy-duty plastic containers. Cardboard boxes are free and usually nice to have for other items but anything fragile should be taken with extra precaution.

Put the boxes or containers inside a vehicle. As you move things from your home to your new storage unit, you may be using the bed of a truck. Instead of using the back of the truck to hold your fragile items, place them inside the truck during transit.

Let movers know what items are fragile and which are not. If you hire a professional moving company to help you, make sure you let the moving team know which items are fragile, so you don’t run into issues.