Reasons Grout Must be Applied when Tiling


The majority of tile installers have a love-hate relationship with grout. Putting grout is time-consuming and requires meticulous work. Sometimes, laying tile without grout may leave the job looking better. However, the thing is that if you wish the job to last, you must use grout. Groutless tile can easily break, which means you would have to resume the work. Whether you want to install Carreaux de céramiques or porcelain, you must know why tilling without grout is not effective:

Tiles Vary 

The differences in tiles can be small and impossible to notice without measure; however, they can interfere with the groutless installation process. When putting the tiles together, even the tiny irregularities will add up and make the final result looking a little off and expressional. Grout makes it possible to mask the differences in sizes and control the outcome. 

It is Possible that Some Elements Get Caught Between Tiles

Dust, dead cells, or other debris can get caught between tiles regardless of how compact the installation looks. You can prevent this from happening by applying grout. Without grout, there will be a tiny space between the tiles that serve as a magnet waiting to attract debris. Do not think that you can clean the tiles after installation. Keep in mind that even the slightest mistake can damage the tiles and require more work than you have initially planned.

Tiles Move

Since the edge of the tiles will rub against each, they may chip or break at some point. Although you can use other tips and tricks, they can only reduce the impact and do not stop the tiles from moving and rubbing against each other. Meanwhile, grout acts as a buffer and prevents the tiles from making contact while contracting or expanding.

Grouting completes the entire look for your project. It makes the difference between tile work that stands the test of time and one that ends up in need of adjustments. The major problem you might face with the grouting process has to do with getting the right thickness for the mix. That is why you should leave this job the pros. Although grouting might seem a simple task, it requires more skills and experience than you may have. And professional tile installers will always recommend the application of grout to ensure the stability and durability of the installed tiles and make you don’t have to deal with repairs sooner than expected.