Rugby – So much more than you think! 

The importance of physical activity is now highly recognised, with people now paying more attention to ensuring that they are maintaining healthy active levels, whether this be through walking, running, going to the gym or getting involved in a sport. Luckily for all there are now many different sports available to choose from with teams in almost every town, allowing for people to quickly get involved and fall in love with their chosen sports.

One sport that is rapidly growing in popularity throughout the UK is rugby. Rugby is a fun and exciting sport that offers a fabulous array of health benefits. Just some of the reasons people choose to take up rugby include:

  • To keep fit – Many people choose to play rugby because they want to be more active but simply find other types of physical activity such as jogging or training at the gym boring. Rugby can provide people with all of the physical activity they need if played on a regular basis, working all of the muscles in great ways.
  • To make friends – Keeping social is very important and joining a sports team such as a rugby team can allow people to make friends with similar interests. Some of the best friendships are made through sports.
  • To maintain stress levels –Rugby can provide people with a great way to escapee, allowing them to release tension and to escape the real world for a little. Rugby is a game that requires full attention at all times, and so in addition can also allow people to improve their concentration levels.
  • To lose weight – Some people choose to play rugby because they are overweight and simply want to lose weight.
  • To travel the world – When part of a rugby team people often get to go to places that they have never been to before, with rugby teams not only all over the UK, but all over the world, looking for teams to compete against.

If after reading this you think that involvement in rugby could benefit your health, whilst providing you with the fun and excitement that you have been searching for you will be glad to know that you have an abundance of options! You could consider joining your local rugby team for example where you will get the chance to be part of a rugby team that can enjoy sporting and team building activities together such as one of the 2020 Rugby Tours. One company that may be able to help you at this stage is Burleigh Travel, who are leading sports tour specialists.