Some Myths And Facts About HDMI cables

HDMI cables are among those unique technological innovations that are here to stay and create a long-lasting impression on human life and the consumer electronics industry. Despite the long line of impressive benefits that these products offer, there are some confusions regarding its features and capacity. 

Here’s a take on various facts and myths about HDMI 

  • HDMI being an extensive technical specification is licensed and particularly implemented by a lot of manufacturers. A myth about HDMI cables is that the ones labeled as version 1.3 will be compatible always with the full range of advanced HDMI 1.3 features including 1080p, deep color, and HD audio to name some. 

On the other hand, the fact remains that despite being fully certified, HDMI 1.3 might not even pass 1080p. There are actually two different levels or standards in HDMI 1.3 cables. Firstly, the standard speed for SD and broadcast HD is 720p/1080i. Secondly, the High Speed is for full HD 1080p+ resolution. 

  • Myth: All switchers, labeled 1.3 are capable of switching various HDMI features that the source will provide. However, the fact is that the HDMI switchers are just like other HDMI devices and may not support some features. You would rather check with the manufacturer to learn about the features that are supported. 
  • Another myth states that you must get all the equipment of a similar number or version number so that everything can work smoothly. However, the fact says that the HDMI versions are compatible backwards. So, instead of version numbers, you should be looking for the feature support factor. If a particular feature is not mentioned in the list then probably it’s not supported.
  • Some myths also state that component video is better than HDMI video format. On the contrary, the fact says that HDMI video has a lot of advantages and benefits that component video doesn’t offer. In fact, with HDMI video you get better chances of color and contrast saturation while with the digital analog digital conversion of component video, the potentials are lowered. 
  • Last but not least, there are varieties of HDMI cables and this is definitely not the fact. There are only 4 types of cables and buying them from a certified seller or manufacturer can help you learn better about the HDMI cables.

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