Steps to File Your Form 2290

Today, we are discussing, How to file form 2290 online? It is very easy and safe to pay your 2290 tax online. Here are some Form 2290 instructions:

  1. Sign up with a trusted e-filing service provider: To file your form online, sign-up with the trusted, IRS approved e-filing service provider. To sign up on the site, use your email id/address and create a username, and password. It takes just a minute to sign up or to create an account on the site.
  1. Start filling:  Start filing your 2290 return by entering the below information:
  • Business information:  It is important to fill in the business details of your organization while filing your form 2290. Business type:You have to select your business type: corporation, estates, LLC, others.
  1. Business Name : 
  2. Business Name: If you are the business owner, fill in your name. For other businesses, enter the name of the business.
  3. Employer identification number:  Employer Identification Number or EIN is a unique number. You need to enter your EIN to e file 2290 form.
  1. Contact information: In the contact information, you have to fill in the email address, phone number of your establishment.
  1. Business address:  You have to fill in the business address of the business as mentioned on your EIN.
  1. Signing authority details: Enter the name, title, PIN, and phone no. of the signing authority. The PIN is used for the electronic signature of the taxpayer when he/she file IRS form 2290.
  1. Select form type: You have to select the type of the e-form.
  2. HVUT Form 2290       b)  HVUT Form 2290 Amendment
  • Enter the first use month of filing:  This is very important in the form 2290. HVUT axes are calculated based on the first use month and the vehicle’s taxable gross weight.
  • Address change flag:  You can change the address in the address check-box if you change your business address. So that IRS can be updated with your new address.
  • Enter vehicle information: In the 2290 online filing, you have to select your vehicle type. For example, a suspended vehicle or taxable vehicle.
  • Enter IRS payment option: When you fill the form for tax payment, you have to select the payment mode option from– Credit/debit card, EFW, and Electronic federal tax payment system, check/money order.
  • Consent to disclosure
  • Third-party designee: Enter details of the third party designee if required. This lets the IRS discuss your return with the person you designate.
  • Review the filing:  Before submitting your form, check all the details which you fill in the form are correct.
  • Service charge payment:  The payer can make payment by his/her preferred mode of payment and submit the 2290 form for processing.
  • Download the IRS stamped document: After submitting the HVUT return, you can download the IRS STAMPED SCHEDULE 1 COPY.