Surviving COVID with the Perfect Facemask 

The insurgence of the COVID pandemic has changed the world’s major sector and ushered in a new mode of interaction between humans. In a bid to embrace this new normal, humans are subjected to the use of face masks as directed by the health organizations seeking a permanent solution for the disease. Due to this, there are various designs and materials used for the production of face masks today. One of the major issues arising from its use is getting the right face mask to ensure proper safety from the disease. This brings us to the question “What to look for in a face mask”. This blog seeks to answer all questions related to the use of a face mask. Let’s jump right into it.

Why do you need a face mask?

Without being judgmental, many are caught up in the compulsory use of facemasks without really understanding the importance of the material. Hence, the need to answer this question. In this section, five major reasons will be explained thoroughly.

  • Protection of individuals: the major medium of transmission of the Covid virus is through human contact. This can happen when there is a transfer of respiratory fluid from one person to another or a surface. Face masks are essentially designed to protect the other party from receiving the infected fluid, thereby protecting the individual from contracting the disease.
  • Resuscitation of the Economy: many of the world economies have suffered severely as a result of the lockdown held months ago. Now, the struggle to revive the damaged economy is ongoing while individuals are also keen on progressing in their businesses. The use of a face mask may serve as an alternative to the imposition of another lockdown which in turn helps boost the economy.

What to Look for in a Face Mask

From the introduction, you have an idea about the availability of various face mask types. Asides from the major surgical masks, clothing materials are used these days to bring a fashion statement into the mode of dressing. However, are these safe? How can it be sewn to ensure safety? There are various factors to consider when trying to get a face mask.

Comfort is one of the major things to look out for. The face mask is designed to cover the nose and mouth, therefore, it should be very comfortable to wear without any tightness or difficulty in breathing. Also, you have to consider the reusability and washable level of the mask. It is important to wash or dispose of the face mask after every use.

More so, when the face mask is sewn, it should contain more than one layer of fabric to guarantee maximum safety outdoors and wide enough to cover the nose to the bottom of the chin.

How to Wear a Face Mask

For surgical masks, there are distinct features. You have to wash your hands before putting on the mask. When wearing, the blue or green side of the surgical mask should be facing out and the part with the bendable material placed at the nose top. Ensure the mask is free from tears or other defects.

Let’s wrap it up

It is important to stay safe during this era by properly using the face mask. Sure you learned a thing or two on Surviving COVID through the Perfect Face Mask.