The 3 Best Smoke Detectors on the Market

When it comes to choosing the right fire alarm system, there’s no room for error. While there are dozens of reliable and reputable models to choose from, one can’t go wrong when choosing one of these top three smoke detectors on the market today.

1. Nest Protect Smoke and CO Fire Alarm System (2nd Gen)

This combination smoke and carbon monoxide detection device utilizes an ionization split sensor that detects heat and photoelectric fires, smoke and CO2.

The Nest Protect Smoke and CO Alarm utilizes voice technology to tell occupants what room is triggering the alarm, so appropriate escape routes can be established.

The Nest Protect app also notifies users of any alarms triggered in addition to sending a reminder when batteries require replacement.

2. First Alert Smoke Detector Photoelectric w/ Ionized Alarm

This impressive First Alert fire alarm system boasts an ionization sensor that instantly detects fast-flaming fires and smoke. Users can connect up to six of these split-sensor alarms throughout the structure, and each holds a 9V backup battery in case of power failures.

The extra loud siren, easy one-touch testing, and the ability to receive automatic alerts when an incident occurs allows First Alert’s model to take the number two spot.

3. Kidde i12040 Wire-In Smoke Alarm

Those looking for a hardwired smoke alarm will find the Kidde i12040 to be a bargain considering its extreme versatility. This system can be expanded to connect up to two dozen smoke, carbon monoxide and heat detection devices for all-encompassing protection in even the most spacious homes.

The Kidde lets users know via LED lights which device or devices have been triggered and features a one-push silence and testing button.

Whether you opt for a fire alarm system on this list or not, be sure to choose a model that is compliant with all legal regulations and recommendations from compliancy organizations.