The Controversy Surrounding Dr. George Tyndall

In 1989, Dr. George Tyndall, began his tenure at the University of Southern California (USC) as a full-time gynecologist at the student health center. His accomplishments were impressive, as he had garnered many honors in academia. He also excelled in the Navy as a cryptologic, in which the ability to speak Tagalog, the language of the Filipino people, was second nature to him. Therefore, it makes a person wonder how this brilliant physician was arrested for the alleged sordid crime of sexual assault.

Morally Reprehensible

Tyndall worked for USC’s clinic for almost 30 years. According to the LA Times, throughout that time, he engaged in acts of impropriety. Some ways he exploited the female students during pelvic exams, including —

* Inserting his fingers repetitively in and out of the client’s private parts

* Recommending the student strip off their clothes, as he would then claim he needed to inspect their whole body for cancerous moles, which resulted in the doctor thoroughly probing between the folds of their buttocks

* Asking intrusive questions about the person’s virginity, sex life and their heritage

* Taking pictures of their genitals and marking some images with the patient’s personal information

* Making numerous embarrassing and unsuitable remarks

This is just a short list of the disgusting behavior that Dr. Tyndall exhibited at the clinic.

Falling on Deaf Ears

In the 1990s, several students attempted to report what had happened to them when they had their pelvic exam, but USC did not take any action. Complaints by more patients and then accompanying nurses who witness Tyndall’s troubling deportment were ignored.

Finally, after one staffer shared her finding with the USC rape crisis center, along with the discovery of inappropriate pictures in his file cabinet, the officials suspended Tyndall. However, after an investigative meeting with the university, he resigned. Nevertheless, it is believed that USC made a private deal with the doctor. He would still receive his severance and there would be no stain on his record.

In the end, the University of Southern California has a huge settlement to pay to the hundreds of women who have launched lawsuits against the institution. Of course, the doctor is planning to appeal the verdict against him because he says; he did not do anything wrong.

Reaching Out for Legal Assistance

Has Dr. George Tyndall violated you? Discover how you can obtain compensation for the psychological and emotional stress that has affected your life. Please, do not hesitate to contact a reputable law firm for help with filing a lawsuit against the doctor or the University of Southern California, as they dismissed the issue for decades.

The information you share is confidential, and there is no charge unless the case is won.


For 27 years, USC ignored warnings about a gynecologist nicknamed ‘The Butcher’