This Can Save Your Life: Tornado Shelter And Safety Tips

One of the scariest things that plague humanity would be natural disasters and avoiding these disasters are sometimes out of the question. This means that you need a way of protecting yourself when you are caught in the middle of said natural disaster, and this article will give you just that.

One of the most important things to remember is that if you can avoid being caught in a tornado then that is always the best option, but we all can’t have the luxury of not being in the way. That being said tornado closet Texas wouldn’t be a bad investment, but there are some other measures that you can implement to make you even safer.

My first tip is understanding the best of a bad situation

This means that if you are caught out in a tornado and have to take shelter right that second, then you need to know what places are safe and what places will leave you in a less than desirable position.

The first place that you should try to seek shelter is underground; being underground will give you the absolute best chance for survival, so it goes without saying that this should always be your first choice. This can be a storm cellar, or a basement as long as it is encased in cement or dirt. One great underground protectant would be tornado closets in the Texas area due to the power of the tornados you will see there.

The next best thing would be the first floor of the house and in the center of the home, this is so that there is the most space between you and outside.

The places that you need to avoid at all costs are cars and mobile homes, and this is because these structures provide you zero protection, and actually make you more susceptible to injury.

My second tip to make sure you will get a tornado alert when it is made

One of the easiest alerts to be on the lookout for would be the tornado sirens, if you hear these then begin preparations and prepare for the worst. Another way is to always be able to tune into the local television stations so that any reports that are being made can be seen by you.

The last way to make sure that you are staying up to date with your local weather would be to make sure your mobile phone has extreme weather warnings enabled so as soon as it is reported you are notified.

My third tip is to protect yourself

This is the most important tip that can be given to you, if you don’t take safety precautions then nothing else will matter. Make sure if you are in an area that experiences tornadoes often that you have a prep bag in place that has much-needed supplies in case a tornado hits when you aren’t expecting it.

The other part of this tip is that you need to protect your body; the best way to do this will be to get under a sturdy piece of furniture that is away from all windows, and to cover your head and neck. If you can find a pillow or a helmet then put the helmet on or the pillow over your head, if anything these will offer you more protection than you initially had.

These disasters can’t always be avoided, but taking these precautions will save your life if they do happen.


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