Tips for Packing Fine China for Storage


Your chinaware may be valuable due to its size, level of craftsmanship, or the emotional value far outweighs any dollar amount. Keeping these goods safe, secure and out of sight are generally priorities of fine china owners who opt not to display their collection. Read on to learn proper packing methods to ensure your pieces are ready to store whether that be in the home or in a public storage.

Gather the Proper Packing Supplies

Some sets of fine porcelain china come with a padded case for storage, but these are typically soft and are only adequate for indoor storage.

While ideal for those who plan to use sets on special occasions and holidays, some individuals really don’t care to actually use the pieces. For long term storage you will need:

  • Packing boxes
  • Dividers that fit in the box
  • Bubble wrap and packing peanuts
  • Packing tape and office tape
  • Packing paper

With the supplies ready, follow these steps to prevent chipping or breakage.

Step 1: Prepare the Space and Start Wrapping

Accidents can happen during the packing process, so work on a soft surface like a table covered in a soft pad or even on a carpeted area. Lay the items out and tackle plates and saucers first.

Lay down a piece of wrapping paper and situate the item in the center face down. Wrap them corner to corner and then use the office tape to secure the ends in place.

Do the same for bowls and cups, wrapping them inward towards the recessed side, filling in the space with excess paper prior to taping. Paper alone won’t keep those precious pieces safe for years to come, so you’ll need to follow the same wrapping process again with sheets of bubble wrap.

Step 2: Packing Porcelain China Securely

Choose a box just large enough to fit the items snuggly to prevent shifting. Place plates face up on the bottom, carefully stacking them.

Follow suit with saucers and then begin making single layers of bowls and cups. Cover the cups and bowls with more bubble wrap or packing peanuts before adding another layer. Secure the box with packing tape.

Step 3: Find a Public Storage or Place in the Home for Safekeeping

Public storage is a great way to keep your items safe off-site, and climate-controlled units will keep them in tip-top condition for years to come. At home, consider employing a closet where children and guests don’t have access to avoid the possibility of damage.