Tips to a youthful skin

Call it vanity, call it denial, call it anything, but fact is, no one wants to age, especially ‘visibly’ age. While it is possible to cover up the creaking bones and fix diet to stay healthy, but the face gives it all away.

As we age, so do our skin cells. The essential skin proteins do not get produced in the same amounts as during youth. Consequently, skin sags, gets wrinkling and texture becomes perpetual. 

Whereas a timely visit to the Dermatologist in Lahore can save you from the scampering from antiaging tips later on, but also remember the following very important antiaging tips as well:

Do not skimp on the sunscreen

Sun is a lot of things, but not a friend to the skin. It contains radiations that damage the skin cells and cause premature aging, referred to as photoaging. From wrinkles to textured skin, sun is a gift that keeps giving!

Hence, it is important to wear sunscreen daily. Even if its cloudy, wear it; radiation is still present even if its overcast. Moreover, it is important to replenish the SPF after every two hours. 

When buying the sunscreen, be sure to pick the broad spectrum one and one with SPF at least 30+.

Catch your sleep

Beauty sleep is an ancient concept that is still going strong, and rightfully so. Perhaps due to the busy life we lead today, getting adequate sleep is perceived as a luxury reserved only for the weekends. 

However, considering the benefits and essentiality of sleep, it should be a priority. From physical to mental health, it is crucial for the body to function well in all domains. Moreover, sufficient sleep also helps your skin stay youthful. 

When we sleep, our cells perform the repair and maintenance duties and thus, when we don’t sleep well, our facial skin cells do not heal properly, leading to signs of aging. So, try getting at least 7-9 hours of sleep daily. 

Antioxidants are your friend

Free radicals are chemicals produced by the body in response to essential chemical reactions and other environmental factors. Usually, antioxidants help counter these damaging chemicals in the body. However, when there are less antioxidants as opposed to free radicals, body experiences what is known as oxidative stress

From life threatening conditions like cancer to aging, oxidative stress poses all sorts of problems. Hence, consuming and using antioxidants is essential. 

Antioxidants also help protect the collagen levels and thus, by extension, slow down aging as well. 

Eating a balanced diet full of natural fruits and vegetables like mangoes, citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables can help restore balance in the body. However, oral supplement so antioxidants are also available. 

Furthermore, many topical antioxidant treatment options are also easily available. Using these will protect the skin from signs of aging. 

Massage your face 

Massaging is not just super relaxing, but when done right, it also helps in preventing the signs of aging. 

It helps in improving the circulation to the facial skin cells, which get adequate nourishment that keeps them healthy. Oxygen that comes with better circulation also helps to increase the production of collagen. 

Massage also helps to relax muscles; tensed muscles are more likely to cause wrinkling of the skin. It also aids in the absorption of the serums and skin treatment products better into the skin. 

Exfoliate thy face 

As we age, the cell turnover also decreases. Hence, the dead skin cells just keep piling on top of each other as they are not replaced quick enough. This layer of dead skin causes the complexion to become dull. It also prevents your skin care products from easily penetrating into the skin. 

Exfoliation, on the other hand, takes things in its own hands. It removes the dead skin cells, restoring the youthful glow. Moreover, it also helps the antiaging serums and potions to penetrate into the skin, better. 

Collagen is what you need

Collagen is an important protein found in the skin. It helps to keep the skintight and bouncy. However, as we age, the collagen production also decreases. And thus, skin starts to sag and get wrinkly. 

It is however, possible to preserve the collagen in the body. One trick is to eat plenty of protein as collagen is a protein! Another is to take plenty of antioxidants. 

The collagen supplements and potions however are heavily contested. Since we cannot dictate how our body consumes the food eaten, hence, oral supplement and be utilized any which way by the body. Also, creams are also not effective as a collagen particle is too big to be simply absorbed into the skin. So, do not invest too much in these products. 

Aesthetic procedures like microneedling and collagen fillers have shown much more promising results. Consult the best Dermatologist in Karachi about which procedure should you go for youthful skin!