Top 10 Developer Influencers to Follow on Twitter

  1. John Carmack

John Carmack is an American computer-game designer who excels in working in the three-dimensional game. He is also a rocketry enthusiast and co-founder, and former technical director of id Software. John developed shareware and Internet distribution channels. He is a developer and revolutionizing computer games and the method in which they were sold.

  1. Jeff Atwood

Jeff Atwood is an American software developer, entrepreneur, blogger, Influencer, and author. He writes the computer programming blog Coding Horror. Jeff is also a co-founder of the question and answer website known as Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange Network.

  1. Timothy John Schafer

Timothy John Schafer is a designer of computer games from America. He is the founder of Double Fine Productions and has spent many years at LucasArts. Timothy is famous for critically acclaimed games. He is well known in the video game industry for his comic writing style and storytelling.

  1. Edmund Charles McMillen

Edmund Charles McMillen is an independent designer of games from America. He is known for his creation of Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac. He is also known for his Flash game visual style.

  1. Nick Craver

Nick Craver is an Architect lead in Stack Exchange. He is a software developer, system admin, hardware installer. Nick helps other brands to develop and grow. He focuses on the security of the users can build trust with the community.

  1. Dan Marshall

Dan Marshall started programming at a very early age. He is an American Programmer and used to work At Microsoft Research. Dan is currently working in the VIDA group and has currently launched SandDance on GitHub. He is a disciplined software engineer and empathetic UX designer. He works in close collaboration with the visual designer and code craftsmanship.

  1. Rami Ismail       

Rami Ismail is a Dutch independent video game developer. He is the spokesperson within the video game industry on the topics of diversity and reaching out to game developers from developing countries. He is a Business and development Guy, and he believes in sharing knowledge and is the cornerstone of independent development.

  1. Andy Matuschak

Andy Matuschak is a software engineer, researcher, and designer. He works with technologies that have the ability to expand beyond the expectation of the people. Andy explores theories by converting them into a real-world system and produce insight to improve the theories. He helped to build iOS at Apple.

  1. Nick Butcher

Nick Butcher is a denser and developer at Google. He works in motion design, prototyping, and the three-layer of material design. He is an expert in developing Mobile app.

  1. Ben Porter

Ben Porter is a director of Business Development for Microsoft’s quantum computing group. He is an expert in business development and strategy executive with a long record of negotiating and structuring high-impact partnerships. For more comprehensive list click here.