What are various types of water tanks?

Nowadays, the solution to overcome the problem of scarcity of water has come up in the form of water tanks. With the increasing demand for water tanks, choosing the right type has become very important. The various types of water tanks can be classified based upon their size, color, material used, price, weight, durability, heat resistance, etc. It is advisable to go for water tank that comes with warranty and complies with the standards of the government.

All Oz Tanks in Australia provides sturdy and good quality water tanks that comply with AS 4766 standards. They provide following types of water tanks to their customers, based upon their needs:

  • Rainwater tanks: The initial amount involved in installing such water tanks may be off your budget but these have long term benefits in terms of cost saving and self- sustainability. The rainwater from such tanks tastes better as it is free from chlorine and fluoride. You can use rainwater for your daily chores, without bothering about the bills you pay for using public water.
  • Poly water tanks: If you are looking for affordable tanks, these tanks are the right choice. Though these tanks do not weigh much yet they are durable and safe choice. They are resistant to UV rays and can be of 2 types, namely, round poly tanks and slimline poly tanks. Based upon your usage and consumption of water, you can get poly tanks installed in various colors and capacities.’
  • Steel water tanks: A sustainable and corrosion resistant option is steel water tanks. These tanks are strong and sturdy which can also be used as rainwater tanks. They can store and harvest rainwater so that it can be used at its full potential. Steel water tanks can be slimline, modline, round, square and galvanized.
  • Slimline water tanks: These rain water tanks are basically for those who do not have enough space to install huge tanks. The slim body of these tanks can be fitted anywhere, requiring minimum amount of space. These tanks are not at all compromised in terms of their strength and durability. The capacity of these tanks varies from 600 liters to 7000 liters of water.
  • Round water tanks: These water tanks vary a lot in capacity as they can store water from 500 liters to 29000 liters of water, based upon your requirement. With minimal seams and wide sheets, these tanks have a deep corrugated profile.
  • Underdeck water tanks: Based upon the installation, these water tanks are also for those with minimal space. Such tanks can be installed under the decking area in the vacant space, offering a smart solution for limited space. Their capacity ranges from 2000 liters to 5000 liters which can be installed in your property without much hassle.

All Oz Tanks in Australia also offers other types of tanks such as underground tanks, septic tanks, water pumps, etc. You can also get a customized tank, based upon your requirement. You can specify your capacity requirements, color requirements, material, shape and size of the tank to suit your budget and requirement.