What is CoQ10 and How Is It Beneficial to the Skin?

Our body needs vitamins and minerals to function properly and to stay healthy. Some of these are produced by our body, and some we can only get through supplements. One of these essential components is Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10. It is an antioxidant that the body produces naturally. We need it to maintain and grow our bodies. As we age, the amount of organic coQ10 in our bodies decreases. Our skin is the first one to take the brunt of aging as it is exposed to different elements every single day. That is why as we age we need to take products that will increase the levels of this antioxidant in our body to benefit our largest organ. Let us dive deeper into what CoQ10 can do for our skin.

It helps in repair and regeneration

The things that we consume and put into our bodies will show on our skin. Sun damage is also one of the things that we have to monitor as it may lead to more serious complications such as skin cancer. Using a CoQ10 cream gives the skin cells the energy they need to repair and regenerate the skin, making it able to carry out its functions a lot better.

Creates a radiant complexion

With the energizing effect of CoQ10, the skin can heal faster, making it look more youthful and supple. People whose skin looks youthful and radiant have high levels of CoQ10 in their systems.

It provides protection against sun damage

If you are fond of going out in the sun without thought that it may eventually damage your skin, using a CoQ10 cream will help your skin fight off the adverse effects of exposing the skin to the sun. Its antioxidant properties will provide the armor to fight signs of aging from too much sun exposure.


It may delay the emergence of wrinkles and fine lines

When we start seeing fine lines and wrinkles on our skin especially on our face, we start to look for products that may help reduce them and delay their eventual takeover on our skin as we age. CoQ10 can do just this.

It can even skin tone

Hyperpigmentation is one of the skin issues that a lot of people face. CoQ10 can prevent dark spots and hyperpigmentation, thereby promoting an even skin tone.

Is it safe? 

Generally, taking a CoQ10 product for your skin is safe and has very few negative side effects, if any. Consulting your dermatologist before taking any product intended for the skin is advisable. They will be able to tell you much you need to take and for how long for the best results. If you have existing medical conditions, it is all the more required to visit your doctor.

Besides the body producing CoQ10, many of the foods we eat also have it. It is good to eat these CoQ10-rich foods to supplement the body with the required amount. There are also several products with this antioxidant that you can use for different purposes.