What Makes Seasons in Malibu a Top Rehab Facility

If you’re struggling to find the right treatment center for addiction or mental health, take a look at Seasons in Malibu– one of the top rehab facilities in California.  They are a CARF-accredited, licensed substance abuse and mental health treatment center located in Malibu, California.  Their specialties treat a wide variety of addictions, including prescription drug abuse, alcohol dependence, opiate addition, and sex addiction, among others, and they are also licensed to treat many mental health disorders like anxiety, PTSD, and complex trauma.

When looking at top rehab facilities, Seasons in Malibu stands out for several reasons.  Here are 8 things they do differently; click through their website for details on how they can help best.

  1. They offer some of the most individualized, one-on-one therapy sessions in the world.
  2. Approach to treatment is both evidence-based and multi-dimensional.
  3. Their licensed professionals’ program is both high end and highly intensive.
  4. Aftercare and sober companion programs are customized for everyone.
  5. Focused treatment teams are made up of 40 people.
  6. They make use of the most innovative and cutting-edge holistic treatment modalities.
  7. They accept insurance and offer a free insurance check online.
  8. They are one of a few top rehab facilities that provides a guaranteed service agreement for your addiction.

Seasons in Malibu understands the importance of detoxing in a safe, comfortable environment, and their mission is to offer something better than traditional treatments available to addicts.  At their residential inpatient rehab facilities, they believe in addressing and understanding the underlying issues of each addiction, to develop an individually tailored treatment program for you–one that will also evolve over the course of your stay to ensure you are getting exactly what you need.  In addition to addiction treatment, Seasons in Malibu also treats a variety of mental health disorders, with separate programs dedicated to depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and trauma.  The mental health programs are in their own treatment center–a stand-alone facility offering one-on-one therapy in an intimate, luxurious, residential setting.

After treatment, Seasons in Malibu pairs each client with a one-on-one sober companion to help you cope with triggers and acclimate to life outside of treatment.  Additionally, they offer aftercare treatment sessions that allow you to continue to see the same therapist even after you have returned to the challenges of the outside world.

If you’re looking for top rehab facilities to help with addiction or mental health problems, call Seasons in Malibu today to start on your path to recovery.