What Requirements should you Follow when Applying for H1B Visa 

Have you been contemplating working in the US? You need to plan your future by following the guidelines below or seek assistance from the best Dallas H-1B Visa Attorney

Foremost, your goal requires planning coupled with determination to make things relatively easy and sure to come. At any rate, success has been determined by endurance, patience, and perseverance. 

Understanding the H1B Visa 

The H1B Visa program has been instituted by the US government offering an opportunity to interested foreign workers from around the world to apply for work and residence in the US. The program entails guidelines that a foreign worker should satisfy before he seeks permission to work in the US. However, most people might find the requirements relatively complex. It would be pertinent to mention here that nothing is impossible for a person having the right qualifications. 

Understanding the requirements for H1B Visa 

Find below a few requirements for H1B Visa. 

  • For a foreign applicant 

A foreign worker should be a holder of a four-year course diploma or a certificate in postgraduate studies. However, for a non-graduate, the foreign worker should prove his or her skills and expertise for the task. These skills and expertise should be obtained through years of training in a specialized field of occupation considered a graduate equivalent. 

Rest assured that three years of professional training has been deemed equivalent to one year of college education. Therefore, to be deemed as a professional, the worker should have at least twelve years of experience in the specialized field. 

The specialized arena of occupation would be inclusive of Information Technology, Banking, Science, Business, Marketing, Economics, Scientific Research, Medical professional, Sales, Research, Legal professional, Journalism, and more. The foreign worker should provide certificate or proofs of achievements in the specialized area of occupation. 

  • For a sponsoring employer 

The H1B visa is popular as a company-sponsored visa. Therefore, the foreign worker should initially look for a US-based sponsoring employer who would file the H1B visa to the USCIS. The employer should adhere to the requirements set by the government agencies specifically by the Department of Labor. After the petition has been approved, the foreign worker would be issues a work permit. 

The firm sponsoring the foreign worker should adhere to the following rules – 

  • Filing an H1B visa application with the USCIS within six months before the date of engagement with a foreign worker 
  • Submit a Labor Condition Application with the Department of Labor stating the company to provide an equivalent salary as given to other employees for the same job 

Rest assured that the engagement of foreign workers should not cause any harm or displace local workers.