Which are the best affordable moving services in Toronto?

Affordable and premium are two words that are rarely to be found in the same sentence. But when it comes to moving companies in Toronto, there are quite a few of these precious gems out there. In other words, many of the top moving companies in Toronto are also among the affordable moving companies in Toronto. A quick request for cost estimates will show you which are the affordable movers in town, but how will you know if they are also among the reliable moving services in Toronto? It is much easier than you think, and you don’t even have to resort to complicated equations for this. Here is how to find which are the best affordable moving companies in Toronto.

Let’s just start off by pointing out the obvious: affordable doesn’t mean the same for everyone. However, we will talk about what the average Canadian living in Toronto affords, and refer to these as affordable Toronto moving companies. For starters, you should know that most moving companies in Toronto charge you per hour. There might be additional costs, so unless you read the contract carefully, expect to be charged for the moving supplies, movers’ labour, gas and whatnot. The other option is to choose among the fully-inclusive moving services in Toronto – such as Let’s Get Moving. They will charge an hourly rate that covers everything and you will not have to worry about how much everything costs. You should also know that an hour usually costs around $100-120, with variations depending on the number of movers, the size of the move, and everything else that you add to the equation.

Ask for cost estimates

In order to discover the affordable moving companies in Toronto that would be suitable for your needs, you have to take this step. It might sound exhausting, but it really isn’t. Just reach out to the moving companies in Toronto and ask them for estimates – they are usually free. The more details you give them about your move, the more accurate the estimate. Many moving companies have integrated a special platform on their website where you can go and introduce the information in order to later get an estimate. Or you can simply call them to inquire. Anything that makes your life easier, really, because when it comes to estimates, most Toronto moving services are very open. And the good part here is that you can literally ask all of the moving companies in Toronto for estimates. Later, you can decide for yourself which are the ones suitable for your needs and preferences.

Make a shortlist

Ideally, you end up having a shortlist of a maximum of 5-6 Toronto moving companies whose prices and policies you agree with. Now it’s time to go deeper and find out as much as you can about each of them, so that you can make the best decision. Go online, check out their reviews, read their policies, maybe even call to ask for more details. We have to stress the importance of customer reviews. Any reputable moving service in Toronto has a client base that will tell you a lot about the company itself. Whether you go to Google, Yelp, Facebook, Yellow Pages, or Homestars, you will find reviews that will let you know a lot about the moving services of the company. Positive, negative, neutral, it doesn’t really matter! Read as many reviews as you can and check the ratings of the Toronto moving companies you are interested in. This will offer you a comprehensive image that will help you choose among the affordable Toronto moving companies you have already found.

Try your luck

Most Toronto moving companies have special discounts on certain days of the month or the week. For example, it is cheaper to move on a Tuesday, in the middle of the month, than on a Saturday, on one of the last days of the month. But this is a general rule. There might be other discounts that are not so obvious and you might miss unless you ask. Maybe paying with a certain type of card will get you a small discount. Maybe next month is when the moving company of your choice celebrates their anniversary and has a special discount. You never know unless you ask, so just contact the affordable Toronto moving companies on your list and ask them about any special offers or discounts they have on the roll. You might be surprised. Also, if by chance you have any coupons, vouchers, or discount codes, don’t forget to use them! They can really make a difference, even if your move is already reasonably-priced.

They say you make your own luck and, to a certain extent, we believe this is true. Finding affordable moving companies among the good ones operating in Toronto is not difficult at all. But going the extra mile and finding out ways in which you can enjoy cheap moving services from professional Toronto moving companies… that is the next level. That is how you build success with your own hands. If you need a professional Toronto moving company that will provide you with a smooth, affordable move, Let’s Get Moving- Moving Company is here for you. Over a decade of experience, thousands of happy customers, and the utmost respect for our customers. Get in touch with us for a free estimate and convince yourself of the professionalism of our movers!