Why should you buy a used Maruti Sedan car?

Maruti Suzuki is very popular in the second-hand car market, thanks to its incredibly low running costs and high reliability. Buying a used car is often like shooting in the dark unless you are sure about the condition of the vehicle you choose to buy. When it comes to purchasing a used car, most buyers find themselves to be a little unclear as they are not always aware of how to buy a used car. 

If you are looking for a pre-owned sedan, Maruti Suzuki is a recommended brand to choose. In the second-hand car market, your options for a Maruti Suzuki sedan include models like Dzire, Ciaz, Baleno (older sedan), SX4, Esteem and, if you are lucky enough, a Kizashi. 

Then again, why should you go for a Maruti sedan when there are plenty of other options available? Well, here are some reasons why Maruti Suzuki cars are pretty much the best used cars to buy:


The ever-increasing number of Maruti Suzuki owners is a testament to the fact that it’s a highly reliable brand. It boasts of the greatest number of real testers driving its cars as it is inevitably the most sold car brand every year. One cannot maintain such a sales record for decades with ordinary cars, isn’t it? When you are looking to buy used cars, you truly get to know the worth of the Maruti Suzuki brand. 


A critical reason why Maruti should be your first choice is its highly fuel-efficient cars. Right from its entry-level cars such as Alto, Ciaz to its premium S-Cross SUV, all are known to consume less fuel per kilometer. When you have great fuel-efficiency along with reliability in a car, do you really need anything else? 


Often when listing down low maintenance cars, four out of five are Maruti Suzuki’s. They are easy on the pocket when at the service station too. It is one of the most important reasons why Maruti cars are the best second hand cars to go for. 

Massive dealer network

Maruti Suzuki’s dealer sales network has more than 3600 outlets across 1861 towns and cities. So, if at all your Maruti breaks down anywhere, you are more than likely to find an authorized service station nearby. Even if you don’t, every garage can repair a Maruti car. Another advantage of a good network like Maruti’s is the easy availability of spare parts in remote locations as well. 

The carmaker also has a good network of True Value stores. You can buy used Maruti Suzuki cars from these outlets that also assist you in getting a used car loan. Check your monthly instalments using used car loan EMI calculator to plan your budget wisely.

Brand resale value

Some people buy used cars to hone their driving skills before they upgrade to newer cars. Most of these cars are then resold in the market as a third-hand car. A car from a renowned brand such as Maruti Suzuki will fetch you more value than any other brand in the resell market for sure even if yours is already pre-owned. 

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