Why spring cleaning is important for your home

You’ve heard of ship-shape, but is your home spring-shape? Houses that are sealed up for months at a time tend to get dusty and musty, and that’s exactly what happens during winter. Here’s why your house and HVAC system need spring cleaning, and how to do it:

Problem: Debris Accumulates Over the Winter

This includes dirt tracked in, shed skin cells, dust bunnies, cobwebs, and more. If you have pets, you’ll also be contending with shed fur. Your air conditioning system can filter out some of that. The rest is lying around your home, waiting to be breathed in.

Solution: Break Out the Cleaning Supplies

Unearth your vacuum, brooms, paper towels, cleaning fluid, etc. Mop your floors with natural cleaners, dust your knickknacks, and shift furniture to vacuum behind it. This lets you start spring off with a clean, allergen-free slate. Oh, and invest in a brush for your dog or cat to capture shed fur before it can blow everywhere.

Problem: It’s Sunny, So Why is the House Dark?

Windows slowly but surely accumulate a fine coating of grime. This blocks the light from passing through.

Solution: Wash Your Windows

Wash those windows with streak-free cleanser. Brighter days chase the winter blues away.

Problem: Your HVAC System Is Under-Performing

Your HVAC system practically ran a marathon keeping your home cozy in the winter. Over time and hard use, even a quality product can start to break down. Filters can get clogged, belts can wear out, and leaks may develop.

Solution: Heating and Air Conditioning Repair

Spring gives you a chance to schedule servicing and air conditioning repair. A technician will check the system out, troubleshooting and replacing parts as needed. This lets your air conditioning work at peak performance during toasty Summer months.