Why the FOD*BOSS is the Ultimate Airfield Sweeper

The FOD*BOSS is a revolutionary sweeping system that removes Foreign Object Debris (FOD) from airport, or air force runway surfaces. The system can also get rid of FOD from other tarmac surfaces, such as other surfaces in airlines and the military.

The FOD BOSS consists of several brushes that collect foreign objects into a mesh capture zone. It uses uniquely formulated blades to scoop up all kinds of tarmac surface pollutants.

What is FOD?

Any material that is not supposed to be on a runway, airport taxiway, airfield, or rump is considered a Foreign Object Debris. These materials can be either metallic or non-metallic and must be removed from such surfaces to minimize aircraft damage. Some examples of FOD include stones, gravel, leaves, metal elements, pavement fragments, screws, sand, mud, nuts and bolts, tiny plastic, and much more.

Benefits of Using the FOD*BOSS

Studies show that airlines, military air force bases, and airports lose billions of dollars each year due to FOD. Foreign Object Debris usually puncture aircraft tires, get ingested into jet engines, and damage propellers. Other than increasing aviation safety, here are a few advantages of using this sweeper.

Easy to Use

Unlike other cleaning systems where experts are needed for the cleaning process to happen, this sweeper is simple and straightforward to use— no special skills or licenses are required. Moreover, only one person can operate as well as tow the sweeper.

Highly Efficient

This sweeping system has been specifically designed to collect FOD using a tow vehicle. It’s unmatched because it has no motor, which makes it noiseless. It’s also reliable because it never breaks down, and typically, it’s towed at a slow speed.

Low Cost

These sweepers are generally the cheapest options. Their incredibly low prices allow even the smallest Airports to enjoy high-quality FOD control, just like other large airports.


If any, this sweeper requires very little maintenance. The entire unit can be folded into a 2.5 meters by 0.3 meters storage bag and have a total weight of not more than 66 lbs (30kgs). This minimizes aircraft operation delays because it’s easy to transport to different sites.

Powered and Non-Powered Sweepers

These sweepers are either powered or non-powered. The powered sweepers have small engines that power sweeping brushes or vacuums. The non-powered sweepers are very quiet and provide the best alternative for manual clearing.

The non-mechanical nature of this sweeper also allows it to be towed by both electric and battery vehicles.

Easy to Empty

After the FOD*BOSS has collected FOD, the operator can easily empty the sweeper by raising its trailing end. The retaining mesh also has straps that allow easy removal of the accumulated debris at the end of each sweeping run.