Why Voice Search Is Gaining More Popularity

These days, technologies concentrate on speech recognition rather than text typing to let people search for information through search engines. This solution is popular in mobile devices where users prefer to remain hands-free. But, voice search can also be used on a desktop with the right microphone setup.

Impact of Voice Search on Businesses

The availability of voice search makes it important for brands to change their technology to make sure their marketing strategies will always appeal to new search methods. They must ensure the sources that Google many draw information from are always up-to-date. This means regular interaction with Google business listing as well as keeping details such as business hours and address information updated.

Moreover, SEO strategies must also keep up with voice search components. Content needs to be more direct and conversational to match the kinds of search queries assisted search results in. Sooner or later, Google may add the voice search element into their algorithm and starts to prioritize brands that have incorporated such element into their SEO strategy.

Optimizing Voice Search

To cater to voice search users, websites and other media outlets must be optimized. This means optimizing pages with simplistic opening paragraphs and good meta descriptions. When a voice technology uses Google to do a search, the featured snippet might be read as the answer. A featured snippet is a chosen search result that appears on top of organic search results. Optimized pages that show up in this section of the search engine results might be used to answer voice questions. Here are tips to optimize voice search:

  • Take your keywords into account. Text optimization may include shorter keywords; however, people who do voice searches use more complete sentences.  They will ask more specific questions.
  • Make your writing conversational. This means making the intro paragraph and meta descriptions in a way that a layperson can understand. The more complicated jargon can be used for the formal body of the text.
  • Use tools that create actions. These tools will make it easier for voice search technologies to communicate with your own business website or app. Ensure the actions are valuable to your readers.
  • Update your site. Websites need to load as quickly as possible to offer results to voice technology. Website speed can be monitored through Google Analytics regularly. Brands can also use SEO crawlers at least every quarter to identify what is slowing their website down.