3 Ways to Keep Your Phone in Top Condition

Smartphones only became popular at the turn of the century, but almost 20 years later, they’ve become an indispensable part of our lives. Whether you have an Android or an iPhone, you use it for all sorts of tasks from contacting loved ones, searching for directions, to making reservations for your favorite restaurant. They’re basically computers that can fit in your pocket, and they connect you to the world wherever you are.

However, just like any machine, smartphones are prone to damage. They’re usually made of glass and metal, and the physical body experiences wear and tear from everyday exposure to the elements. The screen can even shatter if the force is violent enough. Luckily, you can quickly get screen repair, among other tech services.

It’s not an overstatement to say that we can’t function without our smartphone, which is why it’s essential to keep it in top condition. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started.

  1. Learn how to charge properly

The way you charge your phone has a significant impact on the device’s longevity. Unlike the mobile phones of the late 90s, most smartphone batteries today aren’t user-removable. Disassembling the phone yourself voids the warranty, and you’ll need specialist knowledge anyway if you want to do it correctly.

Since phones today use Li-ion batteries, you no longer need to drain the battery before rechanging it. One of the best ways to prolong the battery’s lifespan is to keep it charged between 40 to 80 percent. Letting the charge level drop too low or reach 80 and beyond can shorten the battery’s lifespan.

Another thing to remember: not all phone chargers are made the same. Make sure you’re using a charger with the correct voltage and output rate for your specific phone model. If in doubt, use the manufacturer-provided cord and power brick.

  1. Update the software

Many people find update notifications annoying, but they’re an essential reminder of a task you need to do often. One of the best ways to keep your smartphone in top condition is to update the software regularly. Developers often push updates for their apps that fix bugs and introduce performance improvements. Your OS provider (Google for Android, Apple for iOS) also releases periodic updates to the operating systems, ensuring that your phones last for a long time.

The first place you should check if you want to update your phone is the settings menu. There you’ll see if your phone has a pending update. Meanwhile, check the Play Store or App Store for app updates.

  1. Clear the cache

Your phone’s storage holds a lot of junk files that accumulate every time you use apps and programs. Eventually, there won’t be enough space left for critical processes and essential files. To keep your phone running fast, you need to clear the cache and delete unnecessary files.

A final word

These are just some of the things you can do to keep your phone running like new. Just like any device, you should take some time to learn the inner workings of your phone and adjust the settings to improve its performance.

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