Signs You Have Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction can interfere with your entire life. It may affect your health as well as the relationships you have with those around you. The first step to getting treatment is to recognize the signs, and then you may search for alcohol addiction Delray Beach for a rehabilitation facility near you.

  1. Irritability and Mood Swings

If you suffer from alcohol addiction and need to search for alcohol addiction Delray Beach, you may have frequent mood swings. You might notice you feel more irritable than usual. These are signs of addiction. Additionally, you may feel irritable and depressed when you experience a hangover from a night of drinking.

  1. Choosing Drinking Over Other Responsibilities 

You may suffer from an alcohol addiction if you choose to consume alcohol rather than your other responsibilities. For instance, you might choose to drink rather than show up to pick up a friend who needs a ride. You might choose to drink instead of going to work. You might even choose to drink over attending your child’s school events.

  1. Becoming Distant From Friends 

You might not keep the same friends because you’d rather choose friends who like to drink. On the other hand, you may cancel plans with your friends, so you can drink. You might also avoid friends because when you’re not drinking, you might feel too hungover to participate in activities with your friends. In addition, you may also avoid your family for the same reason.

  1. Lacking Interest in Hobbies

Instead of enjoying hiking, golfing, or whatever it is you enjoy doing, you may choose to drink. When you’re not drinking, you may not feel well enough to partake in the hobbies you once enjoyed.

  1. Drinking in Secret 

You may choose to drink in secret because you’re worried that other people may judge your drinking habits.

  1. Dealing With the Law 

Has your drinking ever gotten you in trouble with the law? Have you received DUI charges or public drunkenness charges? These are indications that you may need to search for alcohol addiction Delray Beach for a rehab clinic.

  1. Making Excuses for Your Drinking 

When people confront you about your drinking, think about how you respond. Do you make excuses for yourself, such as you drink to relax or to relieve stress? Maybe, you don’t just make excuses to others; you might also make these excuses to yourself.

  1. Changing Your Appearance

You might not feel like taking care of yourself as much when you’re drinking frequently. Therefore, you might not shower as much, or you might not put on makeup. You might find yourself wearing comfortable clothes more or not changing your clothes as frequently.

These eight signs are all indications that you need to search alcohol addiction Delray Beach for an addiction treatment clinic to find you a plan that’s tailored to your needs and will promote a healthy recovery.