Considering a Live-In Nanny for Your Home

Hiring a live-in nanny follows a tradition of childcare that dates back centuries. The idea of parents works and needing help to maintain a home life is not a new, modern concept. And some of the most famous people and names in world history were raised by nannies and home support help, including the likes of Alexander the Great and famous singer Enrique Iglesias. Of course, not everyone needs to be an actor, singer, or a world conqueror’s mother of Macedonia to need a nanny, but the help is sure appreciated. The trick, however, is finding the right candidate for the job who is willing to take on that multi-talented role of child-raising, support, and help as well be willing to live with your family.

The resource of a live-in nanny is also an adjustment for everyone involved. The person literally becomes a practical part of the family and an extension of the parents. That means the role could be involved in everything from the kids’ health to eating to education to even their entertainment. At the same time the nanny is still an employee and entitled to employment rights, benefits, a plannable work schedule and safe working conditions. So, there’s a big balancing act involved that everyone involved has to adjust to.

When considering a home-based nanny, it’s a very good idea to map out any special considerations that need to be address, including:

  • How and where will the nanny live in the home? What will be considered the nanny’s personal space versus the home and family. Along the same lines, what kind of work schedule and expectation will be involved? Laying these aspects out ahead of time and clearly goes a long ways in avoiding headaches with a selection process.
  • Do your children have special needs, medical issues or need specialized care? Will the support and involvement be around the clock, sporadic, predictable, or flexible? A basic nanny may not be enough, and a nanny with specific certifications may instead be better suited to the role.
  • How will the nanny be vetted for background, education, skill, recommendations and references? Will there be a probation period to determine proper fit or a contracted period of employment?
  • Live-in nannies are human beings too; will their personality and character fit the flow and lifestyle of your home and life? For example, if you are big travelers and outdoor enthusiasts, can the nanny keep up fitness-wise?
  • Plan for lots of logistics and service issues to be spelled out, including everything from laundry to feeding support to transportation to common use areas as well as social behavior and curfews. And most importantly access to the home and times of traffic in and out. These issues all can be minefields without being spelled out clearly up front.

When considered in totality, hiring a live-in nanny can seem a bit overwhelming at first, which is why it’s so important to work with a professional selection service. Don’t try to wrangle a home nanny selection on your own. Instead, take advantage of a professional service for vetting, background checks, profiling and short-listing. It will save you a lot of energy and time, and you will have a far better choice of qualified nanny candidates overall.